Hamlet and the Pact with the Devil

All my scholarship is copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress

Measure for Measure

For in the way you judge, you shall be judged; and by your standard of measure, it shall be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and look, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye! Matthew 7:2-5


Personally, being of African descent, I would never have accepted a fellowship to do academic work at Yale if they had been transparent about the affiliation of the comparative literature department to the Ku Klux Klan through Tupper Saussy (1936-2007), Haun Saussy’s father, see his KKK conspiracy, Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987).

Tupper Saussy was a convicted felon, crazy conspiracy theorist, and close friend and biographer of the same Earl James Ray (1928-1998) who murdered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of the Civil Rights Movement. No less than the leader of the Civil Rights movement!

And to make money with this KKK manifesto in support of J.E. Ray, Haun Saussy started a company called ‘Contrary Waltz, LLC’ – hiding his name behind an anonymous limited liability company, desperately trying to keep his unmerited position in the Yale comparative literature dep’t, cf. public records available at the New Haven Superior Court, Docket # FA-07-4027957S.  

Indeed, public records at the New Haven Superior Court show that to make money with his father’s racist conspiracies, Haun Saussy set up a cover-up company called “Contrary Waltz, LLC” and to this day, he is still making money with the Klan, and is still profiting from the sales of his father’s crazy KKK conspiracies, e.g. book cover of Tupper Saussy’s Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner (1987):

Haun Saussy’s connection with the KKK is deplorable, disgusting and repulsive – he’s still making money with his father’s racist ideologies and crazy conspiracies, and he’s totally committed to it. 

Hence, if there’s anyone who should apologize publicly, make amends and pay substantial reparations to African Americans, that’s precisely a white-trash supremacist like Saussy from Tennessee – a violent, ignorant and bigoted racist. 

Many violent crimes described in this Criminal Complaint could have been avoided if Richard Levin and his associates at Yale had been transparent regarding Haun Saussy’s financial and personal affiliation with the KKK.  

In the same way, there was no absolutely transparency about Saussy’s illegal conflict of interests with a Russian older woman called Olga Solovieva, whose ‘career’ he promoted at the expense of everyone else, stealing millions of dollars in unmerited fellowships and teaching appointments by means of many fake recommendation letters over the years. But there was absolutely no disclosure or transparency about any of these documented facts.

Indeed, even now, corrupt admins like Richard and Jane Levin at Yale are pathetically trying to conceal such racist affiliation and illegal conflict of interests, and they have offered no apology and no reparation whatsoever.  

After being fired from Yale, Saussy and his old Russian mistress, Ms. Solovieva, aka Stupidieva, relocated at the University of Chicago, where he is still acting as her ‘supervisor’ in comparative literature – with numerous conflicts of interests, both academically and financially. And what’s even worse, they are still in close contact with diverse students and scholars of color, creating situations of great danger and abuse for any intersectional person.   

It is therefore essential to warn other innocent students and their families – especially Africans and people of color like us, the ethnically diverse, foreign students and scholars on a VISA, women and the LGBTQIA+ community – against this type of racially-motivated, violent crimes taking place in U.S. colleges and universities.

Miss Olga Stupidieva from Russia.

The story of her demise is rather banal — stupid, ugly, vulgar, ignorant and yet greedy.  

We’ve never seen a defeat so absolute. 


In 2006-2007, Yu-Lin Wang became aware of Haun Saussy’s adultery with a Russian middle-aged woman called Olga Viktorovna Solovieva (b. 2/28/1971).

As shown in the public court records, the two had known each other for a long time – they were involved in an extra-marital affair, and he had illegally recommended her for a post as a ‘graduate student’ in comparative literature at Yale, even though she was in her thirties and had been out of the academic circle for many years.

Saussy has been promoting her fake ‘career’ above anyone else’s for over two decades, and together they have stolen millions of dollars in salaries, benefits, bogus awards, fellowships, etc.    

Ms. Yu-Lin Wang successfully filed for divorce and was awarded custody of her two children plus 75% of the money, cf. Saussy v. Saussy, CT Sup. 8912 of 5/29/2009, Docket # FA-07-4027957S.

This is the record of a multi-million-dollar fraud. In 2004-6, Solovieva ‘wrote’ her comp. lit. ‘dissertation’ about the ‘Body of Christ’ under the ‘supervision’ of her associate in crime, Saussy, whose full name is Caleb Powell Haun Saussy.

It is essential to point this out because it is one and the same person, i.e. her old ‘boyfriend’ is her only adviser, even though it deceptively appears as two people on record at Sterling Memorial Library:  

Title: A discourse apart: The Body of Christ and the practice of cultural subversion.

Physical Description: 1 electronic/online resource (284 pp.)

ISBN: 9780542995767

Advisers: Caleb Powell; Haun Saussy 

Filed: 2006

Miss Stupidieva should go the dentist to fix her cavities – that’s just gross and disgusting.  


After the rape and sex trafficking, retaliation took many forms that are described in detail here, with an indication of the time period in which they occurred.

The aim was to eliminate, also physically eliminate, the victims of rape and sex trafficking who could give witness against the sex offenders. 


To put things into perspective, let’s go back for a minute to Miss Olga Solovieva from Russia. 

Haun Saussy and Solovieva were involved in an extra-marital affair long before he illegally recommended her for the comp. literature dep’t at Yale, relying on his old friend-for-pay, Mr. David Quint, who was then senior faculty.    

Part of the deal – or financial scam – was that Saussy had to supervise Solovieva’s work, to make sure her dissertation was passed even though it was nonsensical dribble on theology, and completely outside the scope of comp. literature (not to mention, completely outside Saussy’s expertise, whatever that may be).   

From 2004 to 2006, Solovieva ‘wrote’ her comp. literature ‘dissertation’ about the ‘Body of Christ’ under the ‘supervision’ of her associate in crime, Saussy, whose full name is Caleb Powell Haun Saussy. It is essential to point this out because it is one and the same person, i.e. her old ‘boyfriend’ is her only adviser, even though it deceptively appears as two people on record at Sterling Memorial Library:  

Title: A discourse apart: The Body of Christ and the practice of cultural subversion; filed: 2006; ISBN: 9780542995767; Advisers: Caleb Powell; Haun Saussy

This is the record of a multi-million-dollar fraud. Saussy lobbied to have Solovieva’s nonsensical dissertation passed by a couple of his friends, and for over two decades he has been promoting her fake ‘career’ by contacting virtually anyone in academia, writing hundreds of applications and recommendation letters on her behalf, and slandering her ‘rivals’ for the same positions, in what has become a multi-million-dollar financial scam.

Indeed, Saussy had a great financial interest in this, so he could pocket Solovieva’s additional salary and benefits after losing 75% of his assets due to the expensive divorce in which he was involved with his ex-wife, Ms. Wang.  

So-called ‘academia’ in the U.S.  is not founded on merit, but ‘personal friendship.’ Hence, with the help of old friend-for-pay, Mr. Quint, Haun Saussy was able to keep and maintain his Russian ‘girlfriend’ for 6 years using Yale’s money.

And it was with Quint’s collusion and collaboration that Saussy was free to ‘supervise’ Solovieva’s dissertation, so he could help her write it in English, i.e. plagiarize it, get it passed with a couple of his friends, get her promoted, and keep stealing money together.  

That piece of work was complete garbage – a ridiculous, pompous and nonsensical mumbo-jumbo about theology, outside the scope of comp. literature, and certainly outside Saussy’s expertise, whatever that may be.  

Miss Solovieva thought it was a good idea to blabber about the ‘Body of Christ’ while she was having an extra-marital affair with Saussy – who was then married with Ms. Yu-Lin Wang – and while cheating on her own husband, Mr. Kevin McCann.

Two sleazy cheats like Saussy and Solovieva blabbering about the ‘Body of Christ’? 

Isn’t it completely absurd and paradoxical?

Indeed, it took them another 15 years of thievery to even find a publisher – no buyers or readers yet.

Saussy wrote hundreds of recommendations and applications on behalf of Solovieva, stealing millions of dollars through her and with her, and discriminating against more qualified students and scholars of color.   

Doing some ‘damage control’ after Saussy’s divorce became public, Richard Levin fired both associates in crime, Saussy and Solovieva, who then relocated at the University of Chicago. And there, once again, Saussy has been supervising Solovieva’s ‘work’ for years. That’s another blatant conflict of interests that only causes more racism, discrimination and social injustice. Indeed, it creates a toxic situation for everyone, but especially for more qualified scholars and students of color.

This is what happens when fake and nonsensical dissertations are passed by unethical individuals in exchange for money and favors, while truly innovative and groundbreaking work is illegally censored – without even a dissertation defense! – because it belongs to African scholars, women scholars of color, and immigrants of color who are victims of rape and sex trafficking. 


All my scholarship is copyrighted at the U.S. Library of Congress.

I was the first scholar in the world to write this critical analysis of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and I also copyrighted it at the Library of Congress in 2013-4, more than four centuries after the play was written (1599-1601), and for the first time in the history of literary criticism.

Indeed, if anyone saw the truth in the past, e.g. Oscar Wilde and his Irish predecessors and successors, they didn’t write a critical analysis about it, perhaps because they didn’t want to experience the same discrimination, violence and bigotry I had to face in a corrupt, racist and white-trash place like ‘comp. literature’ at Yale.

Please note that so-called ‘comparatists’ such as Haun Saussy, Olga Solovieva and Pericles Lewis claim they are being employed in a field “without any subject matter or methodology,” i.e. the ideal terrain for plagiarism and academic and financial fraud.

FYI, there are NO African scholars of Shakespeare. That is a big financial scam, especially considering that Shakespeare is marketed as ‘universal literature’ to get money from the world of academia, movies, television, the printed press and the Internet, with all the related advertising and merchandising – tons of it.

The fact that there are no African scholars of Shakespeare doesn’t come as a surprise, given the amount of racism, bigotry, physical and verbal violence that scholars of color have to face.

Personally, I’m not going to let the white-trash criminals denounced in this Criminal Complaint get away with their racist crimes. Their physical and verbal violence is already repulsive in and of itself. In addition to that, they’d like to destroy all the intellectual work I’ve been doing since I was a child and a teenager – all the sacrifices I made when I was 13, 14, 15, 16 – as I was building the foundations of my academic career.

But that’s never going to happen, and this is the end of their financial scam.

Now, let’s see why the so-called ‘ghost’ in Hamlet is not a “soul from Purgatory” but a demon – as Einstein famously said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.”

The apparition is not Hamlet’s hallucination since many people, including the soldiers and Hamlet’s friend Horatio, can clearly see it on the ramparts of Elsinore’s castle.

Likewise, it is not “a soul from Purgatory,” as purported by the apparition, because souls in Purgatory cannot use their free will to sin anymore. They only obey God’s Will, expiating their sins and offering their suffering and prayers to help the living along their earthly journey – a concept known as ‘intercessory prayer.’

Contrary to this, the apparition commits a mortal sin by forcing the prince to take revenge and murder Claudius. Its origin is therefore not divine but demonic, as suggested by Hamlet himself: “The spirit that I have seen/ May be a devil; and the devil hath power/ T’assume a pleasing shape; yea, and perhaps/ Out of my weakness and my melancholy/ As he is very potent with such spirits/ Abuses me to damn me.” (II, 2)

Hamlet is unable to recognize the apparition as a devil because he ignores the fact that Satan is perfectly able to tell the truth, e.g. revealing that Claudius has murdered the King, Hamlet’s father. Indeed, the revealing factor is not the ability to tell the truth, but what follows from it, e.g. an incitement to more violence and murder, which is a mortal sin and the hallmark of Satan.

By obeying the devil’s will, Hamlet enters the pact with the devil, a concept mentioned within the play itself by Laertes, whose existential situation mirrors that of the Prince: “To hell, allegiance! Vows to the blackest devil/ Conscience and grace, to the profoundest pit!/ I dare damnation. To this point I stand,/ That both worlds I give to negligence,/ Let come what comes; only I’ll be revenged/ Most thoroughly for y father.” (IV,5)

By entering the pact with the devil, Hamlet commits a series of tragic and stupid mistakes, such as killing Polonius and letting Claudius go, that ultimately lead him to death.

I was also the first scholar to provide a temporal framework for Hamlet, between Giovanni Bocaccio’s death (1375) and the Reformation (1517).

It is a known fact that Hamlet as a play is set in a Catholic past before the Protestant schism, hence the frequent references to Purgatory and the sacrament of confession. But the other important temporal refence is the existence of Italian as a prestigious and international language for theater and literature – e.g. the Mousetrap is based on a play written in “choice Italian” – which only happens through the influence and immortal work of the Three Crowns: Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio.

As pointed out by Northrop Frye (Anatomy of Criticism, 1957), it is important to understand the internal framework of a work of literature in order to interpret it correctly. Without a correct understanding of Catholicism is impossible to give a correct interpretation of Hamlet.

And this has nothing to do with the personal beliefs of the critic. In other words, the critic cannot project his or her own religious/political ideologies on authors and their work without becoming a blind critic at best, and at worst an academic and financial fraud.

Personally, as a victim of rape and sex trafficking, I’m certainly not a Catholic in the U.S., where the church has been aiding and abetting pederasts for years.

But my personal opinions – in any field – have nothing to do with Shakespeare and his work. As a critic, I can compartmentalize my knowledge of and admiration for Shakespeare, and kept it separate from any other dimension of my life, e.g. how many times I work out per week.

With this original critical analysis, I also showed that both Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe (Doctor Faustus 1592), who was his most successful predecessor on the English stage, spent many years of their careers writing on the same topic, i.e. the pact with the devil, which was very popular at the time. With an important difference, though.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare demonstrated that to enter the pact with the devil, one does not need to draw a circle on the ground and willingly participate in depraved rituals – not at all. All that’s needed is to break God’s Commandments, e.g. You shall not kill, since vengeance belongs to God (Romans 12:19; Deut. 32:35)

And the consequences of the pact with devil are not just undesirable for the afterlife, i.e. damnation, but also very destructive in this life, i.e. Hamlet’s ultimate failure and tragic demise.

Everyone in the world who wants to learn English has to deal with Shakespeare at one point, especially his masterpiece, Hamlet. Hence, anyone can see how much money is involved in this financial scam, and how intensely the white-trash criminals denounced in this Criminal Complaint (Saussy, Lewis, Mazzotta) hate me and would like to see me dead.

It is a completely unlawful situation and an instance of racist violence when women scholars of color are not even allowed to describe and defend their intellectual work in the appropriate academic setting.

In a completely illegal and racist manner, I was not even allowed to defend my dissertation – indeed, I was not even allowed to ask a question!

The white-trash criminals denounced in this Criminal Complaint were afraid to be questioned and to be shown as they truly are: ignorant, bigoted and prejudiced.

When women scholars of color cannot even defend their dissertation, it means that corrupt individuals can:

1) perjure themselves and give false witness against you;

2) defame your character and maliciously slander you with others inside and outside of academia;

3) deny objective facts, e.g. official academic degrees and recommendation letters from known scholars like linguistics Prof. George Lakoff for his class on metaphor theory at U.C. Berkeley;

4) steal a lifetime of work, committing a multi-million-dollar financial scam by depriving you — and all the family members who depend on you — of your well-deserved academic appointment, a lifetime of salary, book sales, retirement and health-care benefits.

In this way, sex offenders and their enablers assume that they can silence the victims, silence the voices of people of color, scholars of color, African voices – and conceal their racist and violent crimes.

My original breakthrough in literary criticism only intensified the racist hatred of the sex offenders, as they tried to eliminate me and steal my intellectual property, recycling and repackaging it for themselves, i.e. Saussy, Lewis, Mazzotta and their enablers and so-called ‘personal friends,’ who aided and abetted them in exchange for money and favors, e.g. David Quint and Leslie Brisman. But since I copyrighted my work at the Library of Congress and published it online on my Substack, their plagiarist dreams have become much more difficult to realize in practice.


Even more crimes. Giuseppe Mazzotta is one of the sex offenders denounced in this Criminal Complaint, and yet he wanted to be appointed as my ‘dissertation supervisor’ in order to steal more money for nothing and at the same time damage my academic career – as he had threatened to do many times, cf. Mazzotta section (pp. 19-27).

It is important to understand that sex offenders are not allowed to ‘supervise’ anybody’s work, and especially the academic work of their victims – that’s illegal in any university in the world. And this crime produced even more sexual violence and racist hatred against me – in my own house, and years after the first instance of rape, cf. Mazzotta section (pp. 19-27). All of this could have been avoided.

Indeed, it was an intolerable physical and psychological abuse. Adding insult to injury, Mazzotta has never taken a Shakespeare class in his entire life – he has never read Shakespeare and is completely ignorant of the scholarship.

In order to survive, I had to fight every day against his ignorance, and be completely independent in my research and writing. And to avoid seeing the old and ugly sex offender, I also asked my husband – a tenured professor in the classics and ancient history – to interface with him, sparing me the revulsion.

Mazzotta’s background, from no less than Cornell, is in the ‘vernacular literature’ of the Italian middle-ages, a field that is now almost dead and extinguished in the U.S., also thanks to Mazzotta’s ignorance and corruption. But who cares, when it’s so easy for scammers to steal money in a field without subject matter or methodology?


If you claim that comparative literature is “a field without any subject matter or methodology,” then it follows that you cannot criticize anyone else. That’s illegal, and the law is equal for everyone – measure for measure.  

And what is perfectly acceptable for one candidate – e.g. Miss Olga Solovieva blabbering about theology and the Body of Christ, while having an extra-marital affair with her old boyfriend acting as her dissertation supervisor – must be accepted for all candidates, measure for measure. 

Miss Olga Boozava from Russia, drinking whiskey and getting comfortable w/ a grad student called Victor Fan.


More and more crimes. In every accredited university in the world, dissertation readers must work with candidates all along, letting them know what they expect in terms scholarship and methodology, and being ready to answer any question related to these topics.

But I have never met with any one of my so-called readers. I’ve never had the possibly of working with the readers in order to know their expectations and suggestions.  

The so-called readers were ‘selected’ by the sex offenders, Mazzotta and Lewis, and by Haun Saussy’s old friend and enabler, David Quint – the same individual who admitted Miss Solovieva in comp. literature and who returned my stolen European passport to me in 2007, cf. Passport Theft (pp. 52-53)


Readers cannot have a proven racist record and a bigoted, prejudiced attitude – that’s the law in every accredited university in the world. But my so-called readers were ‘selected’ by the sex offenders and by their enablers with the opposite idea in mind.

For instance, Mr. Leslie Brisman is an undistinguished and completely unknown individual, who for years has been stealing money and killing real talent in Shakespeare studies. Like Quint, he was somebody’s ‘friend.’

But this doesn’t change the objective fact that nobody cites him, and nobody even considers his antiquated and irrelevant ‘scholarship.’

Brisman has never supported the career of one single African scholar of Shakespeare. Not a single African scholar of any gender, not a single African woman, not a single intersectional woman of color – which is racism mixed with ignorance, bigotry and corruption.

This racist, ignorant and corrupt scammer falsely claimed that I’m a “nigger with demons” and those who believe in the existence of demons are just “primitive people in Africa.”

People’s belief in the existence of Satan, magic and demons has been completely overcome, and now we have ‘science,’ according to Mr. Brisman. Now, the only people who believe in the existence of Satan and demons are “niggers with demons” like me, and “niggers” who practice “Voodoo,” see captioned pix below.

It doesn’t matter if Catholicism is the internal frame of reference of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, cf. Northrop Frye.

The authorial choices of William Shakespeare are meaningless for ignorant and bigoted Mr. Brisman, who claims that “Catholics and Muslims are weeds like Palestinians,” and they should be “eliminated” from U.S. academia – exactly as Tupper Saussy paranoidally believed that Catholics are “evil” and they should be killed like President J.F. Kennedy, cf. Rulers of Evil (p. 33).

But one person Brisman certainly liked was Sam See, Yale’s most famous sex offender (pp. 45-46), who was hired as an ‘assistant professor’ in the dep’t of English, before being arrested for violence and killing himself in jail cf. NYT article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/19/nyregion/questions-linger-after-death-of-yale-teacher-in-police-custody.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0   

According to the NYT, See was hired in English under senior faculty like Leslie Brisman, while his ‘best friend’ was Katie Trumpener in the comp. literature dep’t. These two enablers knew perfectly well that See was a sex offender and an HIV-positive drug addict, but they did nothing to protect innocent students. How many students were molested and raped by See, before he got arrested for violence against Ganglani? 

This is the type of white-trash criminals that were appointed as my so-called readers, and this is the type of violence and racist hatred I had to face.   

In spite of all these drawbacks, and thanks to the power and originality of my scholarship, four readers passed and approved of my dissertation, with one of them stating that the Hamlet chapter was ready for publication. 

When four (4) readers agree, who is this racist and xenophobic individual, Brisman, to censor the writing of young women scholars of color and kill their academic career for his own greed and ambition?

How about Miss Olga Solovieva from Russia and her old boyfriend, Haun Saussy, blabbering nonsense about the ‘Body of Christ’ – did Brisman object to that? Of course, not. Brisman has always been an enabler of sex offenders.  

U.C. Berkeley Prof. George Lakoff’s recommendation letter for his class on metaphor theory.

Perjuring himself, Brisman falsely claimed that I don’t know metaphors, cf. U.C. Berkeley Prof. George Lakoff’s recommendation letter for his class on metaphor theory, addressed to the Yale graduate program, see the above picture and the transcription below.

And based on that perjury, Brisman falsely claimed that my dissertation should be censored and I should be “eliminated,” cf. “Catholic and Muslims are weeds” and they should be eliminated from U.S. academia.  

But my life and career shall not be “eliminated” based on falsehood and perjury – quite the opposite.   

The U.C. Berkeley class I took with Prof. George Lakoff in the linguistics dep’t was on metaphor theory, his main academic interest. With a final grade of A+ (the highest at Berkeley), I was the only foreign woman of color he recommended that year.

Transcribed below is Prof. Lakoff’s recommendation for Yale’s comparative literature, which Haun Saussy, Pericles Lewis and their enablers define as a field “without any subject matter or methodology.”

Notice that Lakoff mentions my in-depth knowledge of Dante’s Divine Comedy, a very complex and metaphorical work of literature depicting Satan in the depths of hell, inter alia, which was extremely influential for all subsequent literary history.  As a final writing project for Lakoff’s class, I scanned the entire Divine Comedy searching for the most interesting metaphors to discuss and analyze:

“It is a real pleasure to recommend Margherita Maleti for admission to your Ph.D. program.

Ms. Maleti was a student in my course on Metaphor (Linguistics 106) in the fall of 2002. She was one of the two best students in the course, which is saying something since the students in that course were excellent overall. [She] is no ordinary student. She doesn’t merely learn the subject matter – she interrogates it, shines bright light in its eyes, and makes it confess every hint of inadequacy.

Her term paper on Dante was brilliant, insightful, masterful. But what I remember most was her questions in class. Never pedestrian. Always coming at a topic from a new angle, almost always catching me off my feet, forcing me to confront issues I hadn’t thought about before.

What I especially appreciate about [her] is her intellectual persistence. When she asks a question, she expects a full, serious, thoughtful answer every time, and doesn’t let up until she gets one. Not in an offensive way. Quite the opposite, with a seriousness of purpose, a genuine questioning that one can’t help but respect.

I hope you admit Ms. Maleti to your program. She will make a lively intellectual addition to your department, and I think she is destined to become an outstanding scholar.”

But Lakoff fails to mention that the other student was born and raised in the U.S. – a white male who had declared a major in linguistics, hence the linguistics dep’t wanted to promote him above anyone else, even though he didn’t master any foreign language well enough to do what I did, taking this class and excelling at it. Another instance of ingrained racism and xenophobia from an otherwise open-minded person.  

Remember that I was unlawfully denied the possibility to defend my dissertation, or even ask a simple question regarding the absence of any “subject matter and methodology” in comparative literature. Maybe these criminals were afraid of being denounced by a woman of color and put to shame for their ridiculous ignorance, racism and bigoted prejudice?

In response to all the racist hatred and violence instigated by perjurers and criminals like Brisman – what follows are excellent examples of other “niggers with demons.” 

Here’s a “nigger” who believes in demons and magic, J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973), the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford. He served as a Lieutenant in WWI, incl. the Battle of the Somme, and in 1972 was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. 

 The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling books ever written, with over 150 million copies sold worldwide. The film trilogy (2001-2003) is one of the highest-grossing of all times, with a box office of 3 billion dollars. On top of that, it produced even more revenue with videogames, role-play games, board games, and all the related merchandise. Magic and demons aren’t going anywhere – people only want more. 

J.K. Rowling at the 2018 premiere of the Broadway show based on Harry Potter – another “nigger” who believes in magic and demons. Her net worth is over 1 billion dollars – incl. book sales, Hollywood movies, a theme park in Orlando, FL, and tons of merchandise – and with that she’s the richest English writer of all times. 

Shakespeare was quite rich at the time of his death, owning real estate and the Globe Theater in London.

But that’s nothing compared to this woman’s empire.

Voldemort casting a black-magic spell on Harry Potter, a young student of magic.

The Harry Potter franchise includes 7 books that have sold 600 million copies worldwide, and were translated in 84 languages. It also includes 8 movie adaptations of the Harry Potter novels, and 3 movies of the Fantastic Beasts series, all distributed by Warner Bros. The movies have grossed ca. 10 billion dollars worldwide, making it the 4th highest-grossing film franchise of all times, behind other magic/fantasy series like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and Spider-Man.

The Twilight Saga is a series of five fantasy films about magic, vampires and werewolves based on the book series Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It has grossed over 5 billion dollars worldwide.

Magic and demons have never been more popular, and profitable for the entertainment industry.

There are very popular and commercially successful series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), Game of Thrones (2011-2019), American Horror Story (2011-present), Stranger Things (2016-present), etc.

Many Hollywood movies deal w/ magic and the supernatural, incl. virtually all Walt Disney productions for children. Some movies directly address the theme of Satan and the Antichrist, e.g. The Omen media franchise (1976-2016) and the related novels; The Devil’s Advocate (1997); Rosemary’s Baby (1968) grossing $34 mil against a budget of $3 mil; The Exorcist (1973), grossing $450 mil against a budget of $12 mil; Hereditary (2018) a movie about the Antichrist grossing $80 mil against a budget of $10 mil.

The latter is produced by A24, a company specializing in supernatural horrors.

The combination low budget/high revenue makes these themes very attractive for production companies.

Elizabeth Hurley as Satan convinces an office employee to sign the pact with the devil to get the woman he wants.

Bedazzled (2000) is a Hollywood remake of the 1967 eponymous British film, itself a comic retelling of the Faust story, cf. Christopher Marlowe and Goethe. Comedy doesn’t travel or translate well across different cultures, but this type of movie made $90 mil against a budget of $48 mil, which mostly went to Miss Hurley…

The Witches of Eastwick (1987). Jack Nicholson as Satan keeps good company with three of the most beautiful Hollywood stars: Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer – all “niggers,” of course. Using black-magic spells, they defeat Satan for the time being. But they all get pregnant, producing three beautiful sons who grow up watching their dad on TV…

Yale School of Drama graduate, Sigourney Weaver, levitates in front of Bill Murray, as she’s possessed by a demon called Zuul in Ghostbusters (1984), a super popular family movie that produced ca. $300 mil worldwide against a budget of ca. $30 mil. Again, very high profits based on people’s endless fascination with magic and demons.

English singer Sam Smith performing ‘Unholy’ at the 2023 Grammy.

He was dressed as Satan, surrounded by beautiful dancers of color dressed like demons.

All “niggers with demons,” according to Brisman.

From the viral YouTube video, Demons, by Doja Cat, who was described by the Wall Street Journal as “a skilled technical rapper with a strong melodic sense and a bold visual presence.”

Doja has received 1 Grammy Award from 16 nominations, 5 American Music Awards, and 5 MTV Video Music Awards.

Doja was included in the top 100 most influential people in the world by Time in 2023.

If Brisman called Doja and her fans “niggers with demons,” how would they react?

Willem Dafoe as Satan in the Super Bowl ad for Mercedes Benz


A Boy Named Sue

“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly”

Miss Leslie Brisman is a white-trash racist and scammer who has never produced one single African scholar in his entire, irrelevant ‘career.’ 

Nobody has ever quoted him, nobody knows him, and nobody will miss him. 

But he’s always been a great friend, supporter and enabler of sex offenders like Haun Saussy, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Sam See, etc.

There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for the right amount of money, esp. something as simple as killing immigrant women of color and signing their “testament” — or so he thought. 

But this time, he targeted the wrong “nigger with demons.”      

   Now he hides like a snail under a rock, hoping that nobody will notice. 


Fernanda Lopez Aguilar, another victim of racism and rape at Yale, by another white-trash racist and academic fraud called Thomas Pogge. Sex offenders at Yale always target people of color. But Time Is Up. We must put an end to rape on campus, and it all starts by telling the truth.

Jack Nicholson as Satan ranting against Woman — hilarious! Was he acting, or just being himself? :))) 

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