New Haven’s white trash – a wooden shack with collapsed roof

A fairytale of the greater New York area.  

Once upon a time, there was an ugly, old, white-trash drunkard called Toad.

Toad lived in a wooden shack with a collapsed roof and he had the ugliest junk car in Connecticut – orange like his ass-face after drinking a case of beer for breakfast.

 Toad lived in constant fear of losing his low-paying job because, of course, everybody despises white trash.

Everybody spits on white trash. 

Toad’s parents

Toad’s sister… 

And his brother 

For many years, Toad had been divorced and paying a ton of alimony to his ex-wife. 

On top of that, he had to pay for all the expenses, including 4 years of college, for a couple of retarded kids – not to get wealthy and travel around the world in style, but barely to allow them to make ends meet and pay rent now. 

Toad’s smartest kid. 

Furthermore, Toad also had a fat, stupid, white-trash, 40 y/o bitch who lived in his rotten shack without being married, without having a stable job, and without having any children of her own because, of course, Toad was strapped for cash and could never afford another retarded kid – the proverbial “son of a bitch,” cf. Biden talking about Ukraine, always providing a great role model for the entire world to imitate.     

Toad’s stupid cunt and the immediate reaction she gets from men.

Toad’s white-trash bitch was super angry because she knew perfectly well that she’d never get a dime if/when Toad had a car accident while driving under the influence. And indeed, the ex-wife would make sure that all the money went to her retarded kids.

 Toad’s ex-wife and her new husband. 

Finally, Toad didn’t even own the wooden shack, but he had to keep making mortgage payments even if the roof had collapsed, see actual pix below. 

Look at those two chimneys… like the Titanic! 


And look at those pitiful, flimsy wooden walls… rotten wood from top to bottom. 

What story did Toad tell the insurance to cover it up??? 

FYI, there’s absolutely no one that, being a global citizen, having travelled the world, and having being educated in the best lyceums and universities in Europe, would ever spend a dime — not one dime — for an old shack made of rotten wood. Nobody uses wood for construction in Europe, unless of course they need to store their garden tools.

Total white trash. 

Imagine getting up in the morning and looking at this ugly shit.

Every. Single. Day. Of. Your. Life.  

No wonder Toad’s a drunkard! 

So, what’s the morale of this fairy tale?

Mirror, mirror… Someone please help Toad see his ass-face in the mirror with clarity, as other people see him, because realism and humility are just the beginning of wisdom.

Swine Deconstruction — Toad and his fat, old bitch — courtesy of AZ Lyrics:   

“You’re a bum, you’re a punk

You’re an old slut on junk

Lying there almost dead

On a drip in that bed

You scumbag, you maggot

You cheap, lousy faggot

Happy Christmas, your arse

I pray God it’s our last” 

The Pogues, A New York Fairytale

Africans will always make fun of corrupt, stupid white trash. 

And speaking of stupid white-trash…

This act of justice recorded below did not come from Yale’s corrupt administrators, who actually tried to minimize Saussy’s crimes for fear of losing money and academic standing. 

No, this partial act of justice actually came from the self-interest of Saussy’s smart ex-wife Yu-Lin Wang, as soon as she realized that her cheating husband was sexually assaulting students and scholars of color like myself, while at the same time having an affair with a mature Russian grad student called Olga Solovieva, aka Stupidieva (born in 1971), who was also his “dissertation advisee.”  

For those who are not familiar with the inbred and corrupt nature of American academia, that means Saussy had an illegal conflict of interests for years and, in order to get his stupid bitch passed and make some money with her additional salary after a financially devastating divorce, he “supervised”  — or rather plagiarized — her unreadable and nonsensical dissertation about “The Body of Christ.”

What a paradoxical topic for a couple of stupid cheats! 

And what the heck does Saussy know about Christian theology?

Absolutely nothing. And that’s another big scam.  

But thanks to Ms. Wang, both Saussy and his stupid Russian mistress were kicked out of Yale. Then, it took Saussy 13 more years to rewrite that crazy crap and pay off a press to publish it. And now he’s still “supervising” Stupidieva in the very same comparative literature dep’t at the University of Chicago. What an illegal conflict of interests! What a massive academic and financial scam! 

All international students and scholars should be very careful, since bigoted racists and white-trash supremacists like Saussy are everywhere in pseudo-liberal universities, promoting their own stupid bitches to the detriment of much better candidates. And of course the main victims are always Africans and other people of color.    

Saussy v. Saussy

Connecticut Superior Court Judicial District of New Haven at New Haven

May 29, 2009

2009 Ct. Sup. 8912 (Conn. Super. Ct. 2009)

Memorandum of Decision

Public court documents now also available online in the public domain, e.g.


“The court finds that the husband’s claim that the breakdown of the marriage was due to his wife’s lack of support is not supported by the credible evidence. This court finds the husband to be at greater fault for the breakdown of the marriage, as evidenced by his mental state and by husband’s extramarital relationship with another woman.” ((Memorandum of Decision, Further Findings and Orders, p.20)


“The husband claims the breakdown of the marriage was caused by the wife’s lack of support in his professional life. He also claims that the wife refused to join him at professional events, that she accused him of being selfish and self-indulgent, and that she put herself between him and the children. He further claims that her lack of support for his career moves resulted in his suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression (6).” 

“Note 6. Husband testified that in 2001 he had one year leave from Stanford (to write a book) and that he was so conflicted over whether or not to accept the position at Yale that he spent ‘most of the year lying on the floor of [his] office being obsessed with thoughts of suicide.’ (T 12/15/08, P.119)” 

“Mr. Farmer, a longtime friend of the husband, testified that husband had confided in him [sic] that he was unhappy with the marriage for a long period of time. In 2001, the husband was treated by a psychiatrist and was prescribed medications for depression.”

“The wife claims, for the most part, that the parties had a happy marriage and shared a common interest in Chinese literature and family life and that she always put her husband’s needs first. She testified that she had witnessed emotional instability on the part of her husband throughout the marriage, but she tried to support him in his work and was proud of how successful he had become as a scholar in ancient Chinese literature. (7)”

    “Note 7. The wife described her husband as very insecure and ‘socially kind of weird.’ She stated that while husband enjoys social events, he doesn’t know how to behave and that his ‘mood [is] always up and down very much.’ (T 1/6/09). The wife also described certain troubling conduct by the husband during the course of the marriage, such as banging his head against a wall, and other bizarre behaviors.”   

Her claims regarding husband’s personality were corroborated by husband’s aunt, Eugenia Commack. (8)”

“Note 8. Ms. Commack described the husband as having been a ‘very bright but very troubled child’ who was unable to socially interact. Her testimony described the wife as a supportive and loving spouse.” 

“The wife claims she became aware of the magnitude of the problems in their marriage in the summer of 2007, after the daughter accessed her husband’s computer and discovered emails between her husband and another woman. (9)”

“Note 9. The court accepts as credible the testimony of the wife, that in the summer of 2007, the daughter accessed the husband’s computer for her personal use and found the husband’s personal communications with [Ms. Solovieva], evidencing the extramarital relationship, and that the daughter then shared this information with her mother. (T 1/5/09, p. 136)”

“The testimony of the parties reveal a marriage wherein the husband controlled virtually every aspect of familial life. the husband brought his wife to the United States knowing that she was not fluent in the English language and he determined the family was to speak only Chinese in the home. He further determined that there would be no television in the home. The wife was often uncomfortable in academic and/or social settings because she did not become fluent in English and it is apparent that the husband blames the wife for her discomfort…” (Memorandum of Decision, pp.5-6) 

Who’s the smartest?