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The Narcissism of Ugly People

Last edited on November 19, 2018 A satirical piece of investigative journalism from my research into Google Images ūüėȬ†¬† Parasites and monsters like Giuseppe Mazzotta, Carol Chiodo, Haun Saussy, Olga Solovieva, Moira Fradinger, Katie Trumpener, etc. are by no means

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  • 19th Apr, 2018

I may actually know this guy!

That guy in 2011 looked very much like Davide Gollini… A volleyball coach in Modena, Italy LOL You can see right there how evil and mean he looks now…¬† ¬† So, what’s going on, Davide, have you been messing around

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  • 17th Apr, 2018

Why does Yale endorse my academic satire?

Yale endorses my websites admitting that there are no jobs in the humanities.¬†¬† Here’s my honest girlfriend, Pam Schirmeister: “What we‚Äôre seeing is that students on graduation are not getting tenure-track jobs.¬†They‚Äôre getting a one-year job here. They‚Äôre getting a

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  • 11th Apr, 2018

John Bishop

      How to spot and avoid decrepit old people, who are both envious and mentally ill:¬† ¬†They never admit their own weaknesses. They never compliment you on your successes.¬† They never recognize other people’s talents.¬† They slander other

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  • 11th Apr, 2018

Let’s celebrate 200,000 views a day!

Why don’t you put this great pix on your Vita, you buttfuck?¬† It’s official: I started my sites of ACADEMIC SATIRE 5 years ago and my stats indicate 200,000 human VIEWS (not robots) EVERY DAY¬† from 46 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES in

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  • 8th Apr, 2018

The Russian conspiracy theory

Two Russian comedians’ phone prank against U.S. Rep Adam Schiff Even though American universities have been filled with Communist parasites such as Moira Fradinger and Katie Trumpener at least since the late Sixties, here we are, having to listen to

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  • 15th Mar, 2018

Antivirus Antihacker

*** ANTI-VIRUS¬†/ ANTI-HACKER Why don’t you hack this academic satire up your old ass, Saussy?¬†¬†¬† *** Rest in Peace: no one is above the Satirical Law. Why don’t you get a culture and learn something about¬†the tradition of European satire?

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  • 20th Aug, 2017

The Perfect Gentleman

¬†Pam’s looking for a husband, so I signed up¬†on PLR and gave my best advice:¬† ¬† “Hi Pam, I joined the club today to leave you my comment. You’re really pretty, so I think you’ll find your prince charming! But

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  • 27th Dec, 2016

Carol Chiodo: the worst academic fraud in the Italian department

The worst academic fraud¬†of the worst Italian department in the United States is¬†Carol Chiodo: an ugly, fat, old¬†cunt with fake teeth¬†and the brains of a bug. Let’s rip apart all¬†the pathetic lies she writes in her CV. ¬†¬† Chiodo is¬†decrepit

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  • 3rd Nov, 2016

The horror, the horror… Part II

  Miss Yu-Lin Wang in her prime…¬† … many, many¬†years ago. This year, 2017,¬†she’s¬†58… …and she doesn’t look exactly like Halle Berry, let’s say :)) Let’s zoom in… Notice the hairline receding to the middle of her empty head. Trying

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  • 29th Oct, 2016