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Academic CV last updated on February 2, 2017.  


Jane Levin’s slander involved not just myself but even my family.

This hate crime against a woman happened at Yale while Hillary Clinton was in politics blabbering about feminism!

Slander, sexism, racism and discrimination against Italian Americans — this is the true face of “feminism,” “social justice” and “minority politics” at Yale.

The corruption and hypocrisy of these motherfuckers is unbelievable and completely off the charts.

Read about the “Boobs of the Blessed Jane Levin” in the Anti-virus Anti-hacker


All fucking slanderers should do some compare-and-contrast with Haun Saussy’s brothers, 

all sons of Tupper Saussy the conspiracy theorist, tax evader and prison inmate:

I come from a middle-class family from Northern Italy,

one of the richest and most industrialized areas on the planet.

This was in front of our second house, and now you can get a heart attack. 

My father got an M.A. in Economics but made more money with his license as “geometra,”

designing small-scale buildings during the real estate boom of the 1970s-1980s.   

My mother worked for 25 years as an employee in the state department of Public Works.

To my mother goes all my admiration. She worked at a time when women had even fewer civil rights than now,

and yet she managed to take care of her husband and kids, have a successful career and retire with a state pension,

which is something that very, very few people will ever be able to do coming from Yale comparative literature.

For all slanderers encouraged by Jane Levin’s slander, my mother was a beautiful woman.


Slanderers take this Andy Warhol up their asses. 


This Ferrari does not come from redneck Tennessee.   

Lamborghini is the result of genius and years of unstoppable, dedicated work.

The fact that Italy is one of the top industrialized countries in thee world is amazing, considering that it’s approximately the size of California, with only 60 million citizens. The Center-North is the backbone of Italian economy and the territory around Bologna is culturally sophisticated and high-tech.

Besides the most ancient university in the world — which is Bologna University, established in 1088 — this high-tech land is famous for building industries, wines and deli foods, but especially for the design and production of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati supercars.

blue ferrari

Stop slandering better people, you’re just pathetic white trash. 

Yale recruits from Tennessee.



Consistently through the years I achieved outstanding academic results.

In 1994 I graduated with the highest score (60/60) in the most ancient liceo in my city,

Liceo Classico Ludovico Antonio Muratori,

founded in 1591 as a Jesuit school by the Este Family.

ferrara castle the ducal chapel 1591

Where was the U.S. when my high-school was founded in 1591?

Ferrara Castle, The Ducal Chapel, 1591 – the Renaissance splendor of their court. 

Cambridge University English Proficiency Grade A

1992, University of Cambridge – English Proficiency, Grade A

diploma maturita 60

1994, Liceo Muratori – Diploma di Maturita’ Classico-Linguistica, 60/60

DELF diploma francese

1995, Alliance Française – Diplôme d’études en langue française

bologna alma mater 1088 seal

Alma Mater Studiorum, 1088.

bologna alma mater corte

Bologna is the Alma Mater Studiorum per excellence, established in 1088 as the first university in the world.

Bologna is usually ranked #1 in Italy for most curricula studiorum.

That’s where students are recruited for doctoral programs.

So, don’t complain if you can’t find an academic job now, coming from a different, minor university. 

Start a blog on how to be a good mom – that’s important too.

Universita Bologna diploma laurea

From Bologna I earned a Laurea 110/110 Cum Laude, with Highest Honors and Printing Dignity (2004-2005). 

My laurea thesis was an original critical comment on, and translation of, James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Book III, ch. 4. 

It was supervised by Prof. Bollettieri Bosinelli and received a written commendation by the late Luigi Schenoni who translated Finnegans Wake in Italian.

Online scholarly publications that cited my essay “Rest in Peace: Finnegans Wake III.4″ include:

1) Joycean Unions: Post-Millennial Essays from East to West, Brandon Kershner and Tekla Mecsn Ber (Editors)

2) Joyce, Il Bel Paese and the Italian Language, John McCourt

And  I don’t know how many times it was cited — or more often, plagiarized — in printed papers. 

Free-Speech berkeley

In 2002-2003 I won a European competition to attend the University of California at Berkeley for one academic year,

with full coverage of tuition fees.

That was an important fellowship, since out-of-state tuition at Berkeley was more than $30,000/year.

My majors were Linguistics (George Lakoff) and English literature (John Bishop).

For both semesters I was on the Dean’s Honors List with a GPA of 3.94, links below:

Fall 2002 Dean’s Honors List:

Spring 2003 Dean’s Honors List:

 The picture shows a public demonstration for Free Speech and Civil Rights at Berkeley’s Sather Gate.  

Unlike Berkeley in the 1960s and 1970s, Yale is a very racist, corrupt and bigoted environment where academic frauds like Haun Saussy and Olga Solovieva are protected in order to keep face and avoid scandals that could result in loss of credibility, tuition fees and governmental grants.

Are there civil rights at all in the United States, or the only people to be slandered on commercial gossip sites are international students and women?


Commercial gossip sites that thrive on slander are managed by criminals people who get paid either to slander or shut up, according to what’s needed.   

Just in recent years, Yale witnessed a number of disasters:

 a lab researcher raped, strangled and buried upside-down in a wall;

an undergrad found with her head smashed in a lathe machine at 3 in the morning;

another undergrad who stabs his “friend” and then jumps out of the Taft building downtown;

an assistant professor with a double life as a meth addict and HIV-positive prostitute, 

who kills himself in jail with a meth overdose, etc.

Everything is public record, but for some mysterious reason it does not get a lot of bad publicity on commercial gossip sites…

At least not as much as the Boobs of the Blessed Jane Levin.

Compared to that, everything else is not even a crime!


No online slander for Sam See: an HIV-positive prostitute and drug addict who killed himself in jail with a meth overdose the night when he was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police such as “I will kill you – I will destroy you.” 

No online slander for Tyler Carlisle, B.A., when he stabbed a “friend” who was spending the night in his apartment, and then jumped out of the Taft building in downtown New Haven.  

My satirical websites are meant to denounce criminals like Jane Levin, who kill people’s life and career and severely damage their families by means of slander and online slander.

Never challenge a police officer in the U.S., especially if you’re stark naked.

But what’s that compared to the “boobs” of the Blessed Virgin Levin?  

Acceptance letter Feb 24, 2005

In 2005 I won one of the six available fellowships for a Ph.D. in comparative literature at Yale based on merit, i.e. without relatives or political acquaintances, which is something most people dream of. 

This is the standard acceptance letter for a 6-year doctorate program, while the SEVIS from the Department of Justice is in the Anti-virus Anti-hacker.

So much for so little – competition for these posts is worldwide, but there are very few tenure tracks in comparative literature, and very few stable academic jobs with pension and healthcare. How many people are involved in this scam, between faculty and administrators?

If you’ve never been admitted to the Ivy League on a fellowship, do some compare-and-contrast before opening your filthy mouth. 

2007 yale masters of arts diploma

2007, Master of Arts – Yale University

yale 2010 masters of philosophy diploma

2010, Master of Philosophy – Yale University

In four semesters, 2005-07, I passed all my examinations with honors and I took my Masters of Arts in 2007. In 2008 I married an American tenured professor; in 2009 I passed my oral exams for the Masters of Philosophy, wrote a dissertation prospectus and became a candidate. 

I completed my dissertation in 2 years of research, plus 2 years of research and writing, and then I copyrighted my book at the Library of Congress.

I’m going to publish my dissertation on my satirical sites, to the dismay of all those who thought they could plagiarize it to make money.

Too bad.

Giuseppe Mazzotta, with a Ph.D. in Italian Medieval literature from fucking Cornell,

was chosen as a “supervisor” for my Shakespeare dissertation.  

Now the question is: what does he know about Shakespeare?

In the meantime, Mazzotta was tealing Yale’s money to support one of his “friends,” i.e. Carol Chiodo.

Read Mazzotta’s sections in Giuseppe Mazzotta, Mr. Extortion and in the Anti-virus Anti-hacker.

This thing hereunder is Mazzotta’s friend, Chiodo.

   The academic and financial fraud they pulled off together is unbelievable.


Chiodo’s CV was plagiarized with Mazzotta’s help:

The law should fine them for all the money they’ve been stealing at Yale over the years.

Jane Levin has been trying for years now to divert attention

from the fact that the law forbids Mazzotta from supervising my academic work. 

My dissertation on Catholic Shakespeare was approved by 4 independent scholars,

including history prof. Carlos Eire.


Carlos Eire stated that my dissertation deserved to be approved 

even only based on the strength of the historical discussion of Shakespeare’s Catholicism.

For people who are not in the field,

it is an established fact of scholarship that Shakespeare’s mother belonged to an ancient family,

the Ardens, from Catholic France.   

Instead of studying at Oxford or Cambridge like other middle-class gentlemen,

Shakespeare had to flee to the North in order to escape the persecution of corrupt local magistrates. 

How did Catholicism influence his creativity in a time when religion, persecution and torture were tools of political authority?

How do we see Catholic themes emerge in Hamlet?

If you can’t ask these questions with an open mind, you’re not an intellectual and you don’t belong in academia. 

And if you try to silence real scholars who are able to ask these questions, then you should be in jail like Tupper Saussy.


According to Haun Saussy’s 2005 ACLA report,

comparative literature has no subject matter or methodology.

Comparative literature has no academic standards

and decisions are made based on people’s ideologies and personal preferences, 

friendship, politics and “generous donations,” i.e. bribes.  

Who’s responsible for this shit?

quint-meme-base david-quint-blowjob-oral-tradition-6

David Quint and oral tradition.

Let’s do some comparative on Quint, courtesy of the on Google Images.

butt-machine-30 butt-machine-boys-12-no-academic-jobs

A simple critic is NOT allowed to deny an author’s Catholicism only because he or she has a different value system.

There are indeed many authors in the canon:  

focus on another one more attuned to your ideology.




Fucking Quint tries to slander me even with Milton!

Look, that really shows you have no arguments and you’re just a desperate fuck.

Milton was officially a Protestant, so he could receive financial benefits, but not everyone agrees with that superficial reading. There are many different opinions on Milton’s personal beliefs, e.g. the English poet William Blake thought he was a Satanist, “of the Devil’s party without knowing it,” and — regardless of what anyone may think about it — Hollywood made millions with that interpretation, cf. Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves, The Devil’s Advocate, 1997.  

Then there is the problem of defining what reformed religions actually were, and what they are now. That’s not, like Catholicism, one single set of dogmas but many, e.g. Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Methodist, Mormons, Baptists, Evangelicals, Unionists, etc., and in constant flux, e.g. Nadia Bolz Weber, by all means a pretty amazing woman. 

nadia-bolz-weber  nadia-bolz-weber-2

Would Milton like Nadia Bolz Weber in priest costume?  


And how about her?

Biblical tattoos grace the arms of Nadia Bolz-Weber as she poses for a portrait, Friday, April, 22, 2011, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver, CO, where her will be moving. Nadia, of House For All Sinners and Saint, a is a rising star in the emergent church, very hip culturally and socially progressive, yet still theologically traditional Lutheran. She's been invited to preach the Easter sermon at Red Rocks this Easter. (Craig F. Walker/ The Denver Post)

 As far as I’m concerned,

I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, because I write about something else entirely.

But now tell us, Quint — since you’re the most senior plagiarist in the comparative literature dep’t and it’s your responsibility — what the fuck does Haun Saussy know about the” Body of Christ,” which is the Catholic Church?


enso symbol zen emptiness comparative literature academic fraud

What would Milton think of a comp. lit. dissertation on the “Body of Christ” shadow-written by a Tennessee redneck?