Carol Chiodo admitted to Yale without a B.A.

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I don’t think we’ll have a woman President in the United States any time soon, and the main reason, the main problem, is women themselves.

Early on, women are not educated to feel respect and solidarity for one another, but only to slander and back-stab one another about petty and superficial things. And later in life, when they become adults, most of them are too intellectually lazy to improve their attitude — and some of them are actually stupid, like the basket case discussed in this article.   

Every field is now infested with fake feminists, i.e. phonies like Giuseppe Mazzotta who lay claim to private and pubic money for Affirmative Action, when in fact they do everything in their power to disqualify the most talented, creative and well-prepared women candidates.  

Let’s have a look at fake feminists in academia: Yale’s Italian dept, monsters and whatnot.  

Careful, this may cause some serious damage to your eyes…


Carol Chiodo

5 June 2018: Carol Chiodo was born 17 January 1966 and registered to vote, giving her address as 95 Deer Run Road in Woodbridge, Connecticut 06525-1908. She is registered as Democratic. Voter status code: Active. Voter ID number 004638852.

On January 17, 2019, Chiodo turned 53 — and old, stupid cunt with a denture. 

She was born in Italy back in 1966, 

and notice that she’s recently got a B.A. in “International Studies” from Fairfield University (2008-2012), at the tender age of 46! 

A useless, crappy B.A. at 46!!! 

The fattest and ugliest academic fraud you’ll ever see. 


And ONLY ONE YEAR LATER, in 2013, Chiodo acquired by fraud and plagiarism a Ph.D. in Italian (2007-2013), which was completely useless for her ass, since she’s never been academic material in the first place, and must now work as an office employee. 

What an excellent allocation of financial resources!


Carol Chiodo attended a lousy nun’s school for kids with special needs in Italy, and finished high-school in 1985. Big academic hiatus, and then, in 2007, Giuseppe Mazzotta — a long-time friend of her husband, Piero Chiodo — admitted her to the Italian dept at Yale for a six-year Ph.D. program when she was WELL OVER 40!!! 

And how, for Christ’s sake, given the fact that she didn’t have a B.A.?

Sister Act

Salve Regina! 

And notice, we’re talking about SIX full years and FIVE summers of stolen fellowship money, despite Pam Schirmeister, Ed Barnaby and Tom Pollard claiming that such useless programs only last 5 years for certain legal immigrants like me 🙂     

Whatever is convenient, right? 

Before Chiodo’s “academic” file had to be finally reviewed by a commission, a friendly person must have advised her to get at least a B.A. from a local university here in the United States, in order to make up for all her missing academic qualifications. 

And now the question for Salovey and the Yale administration is:

WHO the fuck did that, and why?  

Who allowed such stupid, shameful fraudster in a Ph.D. program at Yale with a lousy high-school degree dating back to 1985 from “Liceo Cadorna,” which is a nun’s school for retarded kids in Turin?

People who commit such crimes, and their accomplices, should face a public trial for fraud, theft of private and public money, damage caused to students and their paying families, damage caused to the lives and careers of actual scholars, lying to the Department of Justice to get a student Visa without the necessary qualifications, etc. They should be forced to return all the money stolen over the years, with accrued interest. 



On top of everything else, Mazzotta HAS NO TEETH, so he must wear a DENTURE that’s so fucking dirty, it’s actually BROWN! 

His ugly face looks like a monkey’s ass,

but that picture was taken was many, many years ago — imagine how he looks now… 

Mazzotta is a 77-year-old, useless fat drunkard with high blood pressure and heart disease, who’s still alive only thanks to hardcore drugs and Yale’s healthcare plan, which is why he doesn’t want to retire and accept reality:  

But as soon as he dies or he’s forced to retire by a crippling disease, all his minions will disappear. 

Little, fat, ignorant pig.

Micheal Farina, B.A. & M.A. University of Connecticut. 

Farina knows next to nothing about linguistics & translation studies, and yet he “teaches” elementary Italian to naive and unsuspecting undergrads, courtesy of their paying parents.

But that’s not enough for him, in terms of academic and financial fraud.

Hence, with his “inner eye,” he focuses on “Dante, Michelangelo, Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization and Greek Mythology,” for which he studied real hard at the University of Connecticut.  


Farina’s inner eye, yeah right 🙂  

Anna Iacovella & Italian nun schools.

Why don’t you learn something about the Italian public school system and Italian universities, before hiring anyone from that country? That could be a good starting point…

Salovey, Mazzotta is a 77-year-old, sick and decrepit piece of junk. But you shouldn’t wait for him to DIE or be FORCED INTO RETIREMENT by a devastating stroke, heart-attack and/or Alzheimer. You should CLEAN HOUSE much sooner, reallocating resources and saving money for better scholars — which is not difficult — from top Italian universities. 

There’s a growing mass of decrepit, corrupt individuals in colleges and universities, such as Giuseppe Mazzotta, aged 77, who’s being kept alive only thanks to a cabinet full of hard-core drugs against heart disease and high blood pressure, which he gets through Yale’s health plan. 

Mazzotta’s corruption is like two sides of the same coin: 



Mazzotta is a corrupt pathological liar with senile dementia, who’s constantly making up bullshit to slander and kill the personal and professional life of much younger people, denying their UNDENIABLE academic merit and their UNDENIABLE academic qualifications. 


When I moved to the United States two Sabbaticals ago, I was financially independent. I was not in need like today’s illegal immigrants – quite the opposite. I owned my own condo, had a great Mercedes car and many job opportunities at home in the field of education. At Yale, I was selected for graduate school in comparative literature from a large pool of applicants from around the world, firstly because of my documented academic record, and secondly because I’m a polyglot and able to work well with different foreign languages and cultures, e.g. English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin. 

I graduated with the highest score and the longest positive record both in high school and at my university. The University of Bologna, where I graduated in English and German with Highest Honors and Printing Dignity, was established in 1088 and is commonly regarded as the most ancient in the world – also known as Alma Mater Studiorum. Likewise, I attended one of the most competitive and ancient lyceums in Italy – established in 1591 by the noble Este family in Modena – and, thanks to the continuity between the Italian Principates and the Republic, one of the most ancient in the world.

In five years, I took ca. 925 hours of English Language & Literature (37 academic weeks x 5 hours/week x 5 years); ca. 740 hours of Latin Lang & Lit (37 x 4 x 5); and ca. 370 hours of Art History (37 x 2 x 5). That’s much more than most “classicists” take today, being admitted into a state-sponsored graduate program in the United States merely after a couple of summer-school classes in Latin or Greek.

 Graduating with HIGHEST HONOR from one of the MOST ANCIENT Italian high-schools, established in 1591, is an OBJECTIVE FACT. Either you have achieved that honor, or you have not — and Mazzotta himself has not, let alone the ridiculous THREE STOOGES he’s been supporting for years: Carol Chiodo, Micheal Farina and Anna Iacovella.  

Carol Chiodo and Anna Iacovella are retarded, ignorant fools who have attended Italian NUN SCHOOLS for challenged kids with mental impairment and learning disabilities. How much PUBLIC and PRIVATE MONEY was wasted on those ignorant suckers in the United States, over the years?  

All pix in high definition — expand to see details. 

Nota Bene: I graduated with highest honors from my historical high-school in ANNO SCOLASTICO (school year) 1994-1995. In Italy, smart students finish high-school at 19, as they start grammar school at 6. Since I was born on June 3, 1976, I seamlessly finished high-school at 19, in 1995.

And like Prince Hamlet, “I know not seems.”  

On the other hand, stupid people with mental disabilities like Carol Chiodo and Anna Iacovella may have to repeat 1 or 2 years at a nun school for retarded kids, like Liceo Cadorna Istituto Adorazione:  



Other dates on this official document issued by state officials — speaking of state-sponsored, undocumented immigration…

1984 was when the PRESIDENTE DELLA COMMISSIONE (Head of the Commission), Prof. Maria Teresa Muscolo, obtained her state licence # 0006805, which has nothing to do with anything, or anyone, here. FYI, in 1984 I was 8 and playing with my school-mates.   

July 2, 1990 was when a DECRETO MINISTERIALE (a law by the Ministry of Education) was passed to declare a perfect correspondence between the curriculum studiorum at my lyceum and the resulting state degree. 

February 29, 1996 was when an official copy of the certificate was issued to me. 

Lyceum Ludovico Antonio Muratori ran a super-intensive program, CLASSICO LINGUISTICO SPERIMENTALE, combining the classics and modern languages. 

We had a ridiculous amount of Italian literature, history, art history and philosophy (with Michelina Borsari, who’s still teaching at the university) and 3 foreign languages with their respective literatures, i.e. English, French and German; in addition to 3 hours/week of Latin language and literature, for 9 consecutive months a year, for 5 fucking years. In fact, I had more Latin at my historical high-school than Mazzotta at fucking Cornell. 

Fucking hypocrites!

You’re NOT going to get away with this fraud, I guarantee it.  

Mazzotta’s thick and dumb Calabrese accent badly needs a translation! And a team of professional editors with a non-disclosure/non-disparagement contract are needed to correct his grammar, or lack thereof.  

Likewise, graduating with HIGHEST HONOR and PRINTING DIGNITY from the world’s most ancient university, and Italy’s best, is an OBJECTIVE FACT — either you have achieved that honor, or you have not.

 Mazzotta’s three stooges — Micheal Farina, Carol Chiodo and Anna Iacovella — haven’t even come close to it. In fact, Mazzotta himself comes from Cornell, and that was the height of his academic achievement, congrats! 🙂  

How many Yale students were cheated out of their money, and given SHIT in exchange for their GOLD?  

Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna 1088

All pix in high definition — enlarge to see details.   

 I defended my Laurea dissertation on James Joyce in front of a Commission headed by Prof. Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, and graduated in the Fall 2004. After winning a competitive fellowship, I spent my junior year at the University of California at Berkeley studying computer science, wherefore I created these fancy websites; English literature and English linguistics, in particular METAPHOR THEORY, with George Lakoff and his wife, Robin Lakoff. 

And by the way, George Lakoff also wrote one of my enthusiastic recommendations for Yale.  

The entire program lasted 4 years, from 2000 to 2004. The degree itself, printed on expensive parchment and with unique decorations from Alma Mater Studiorum — was formally issued on February 2, 2005. God’s irony, Feb 2 is also James Joyce’s birthday. 

Let me rub your nose in it. 

Mazzotta allows ignorant suckers like Chiodo, Farina and Iacovella to occupy academic posts far above their abilities and academic qualifications.

In this way, they have been stealing both public and private money for years — from tax payers, private donors, working families paying tuition fees, unsuspecting students. Furthermore, they have been stealing academic posts from ACTUAL SCHOLARS who did invest their time and financial resources in a top-rated education and culture they can’t even match.  

This is not just “hypocrisy,” but a shameless ACADEMIC & FINANCIAL SCAM that’s been going of FOR YEARS at Yale’s Italian department, and which originated from a crook and a criminal from mob-ridden Calabria, who should spend the rest of his sorry life IN JAIL. 

Corrupt individuals die everyday, vanishing from people’s awareness and becoming archaeological remains. External observers can see this quite clearly. It’s only the criminals themselves who don’t get it.     

Nobody will even remember their name.

Very bad news for their failing public-relations dept: 

Covering up all your crimes with slander is ALWAYS A FAILING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY.

The Three Stooges

If your academic standards are the Three Stooges, even Gaga is more qualified to teach Italian! 

Keeping her feelings under control…

Gun control? 

Think of all the MONEY WASTED with Farina and the nun’s schools of Chiodo and Iacovella!   

Millions of dollars that could have been invested in the education of talented students, especially Black students, from the city of New Haven and from around the country.When will Yale start to REALLY GIVE BACK to the Blacks of New Haven, instead of exploiting them to clean their fucking toilets and pick up their fucking garbage?

Yale should finally set up an EXTENSION COLLEGE, FREE OF CHARGE, so that Black kids from New Haven can have a better education, and their families can break out from the vicious circle of poverty. 

Simon & Garfunkel, El Condor Pasa

Better be a mallet than a nail 🙂