Comey Cannot Exonerate Clinton

The FBI is an investigative body of the EXECUTIVE branch of government, whose head is the President. 

The duty of the FBI is to INVESTIGATE possible crimes, not to judge said crimes or make judicial determinations about criminal intention or lack thereof. That power belongs to the JUDICIAL branch of government, whose head is the Supreme Court. 

James Comey doesn’t have the power to condemn or to exonerate anyone.

That power belongs to the Courts. 

It’s amazing to see that so many American “citizens” still don’t get it. Indeed, statistics indicate that 75% of U.S. citizens would fail the U.S. Citizenship Test, which all legal immigrants must pass in order to get naturalization. 

Far from damaging Hillary Clinton’s political career, James Comey actually saved it in 2016. 

James Comey stole the power of the judiciary in order to exonerate Clinton from the substantiated accusation — which the FBI investigation itself substantiated — of mishandling classified information.

In this way, he effectively gave her a second chance to run for President, when in fact she should have been tried and sent to jail for a long, long time. 

Compare and contrast: a US Navy sailor was leniently sentenced to one year in jail and three years’ probation for simply taking pix — without even sharing them online — of the nuclear submarine on which he was working. Actually, the prosecutors asked to send him to prison “for five years, saying his conduct put national security at risk.” 



  Measure for measure: how many years should Clinton spend behind bars?

The truth is, at 71, that bitch should never see the light of day again!

But perhaps there’s one system of justice for Clinton, and another one for everyone else.

“A US Navy sailor was sentenced on Friday to a year in prison for taking photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine while it was in port in Connecticut. Kristian Saucier, of Arlington, Vermont, appeared in federal court in Bridgeport, where a judge also ordered him to serve six months of home confinement with electronic monitoring during a three-year period of supervised release after the prison time. He pleaded guilty in May to unauthorized detention of defense information and had faced five to six years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines.

Saucier admitted to taking six photos of classified areas inside the USS Alexandria in 2009 when it was in Groton and he was a 22-year-old machinist mate on the submarine. The photos showed the nuclear reactor compartment, the auxiliary steam propulsion panel and the maneuvering compartment, prosecutors said. Saucier took the photos knowing they were classified, but did so only to be able to show his family and future children what he did while he was in the Navy, his lawyers said. He denied sharing the photos with any unauthorized recipient.

“It was a foolish mistake by a very young man,” his lawyer, Greg Rinckey, said after the sentencing. “It’s a very sad case because Kristian Saucier is a fine young man. We don’t believe this was really his true character.” Saucier is expected to receive an “other than honorable” discharge from the Navy next month, Rinckey said. He is to report to prison on 12 October. Saucier did not speak during Friday’s court proceeding. Federal prosecutors said the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service were never able to determine if the photos had been distributed to unauthorized people because Saucier destroyed key evidence including his laptop computer, a camera and a memory card after an interview with the FBI in 2012.

Prosecutors asked US district judge Stefan Underhill to send Saucier to prison for five years, saying his conduct put national security at risk.”

That’s fucking crazy. 

According to the DOJ report that was released in 2018,

 Clinton exchanged more than 690,000 emails from just 1 server! 

Let alone taking the time to write them,

if someone had to simply copy-and-paste 690,000 emails to make all that information available online, 

it would still take him or her several months of full-time work! 

And when they subpoena you, make sure to delete all the evidence. 

From 2005 to 2014, I exchanged about 3,000 emails at Yale. 

At this pace, it will take me 2070 years of email writing to match the amount of just 1 of Hillary’s servers! 


These are just 300 pages.

How much space do 690,000 printed emails occupy? 

David Squint, hypocrisy and selective outrage. 

Miss Sam See, the HIV-positive bitch, meth-head and drug addict who suffered a “small stroke” in the English department at Yale, was arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police, i.e. “I will kill you, I will destroy you!” 

All captioned quotations from the New York Times, December 18, 2013:

In fact, Sam See only managed to “kill and destroy” herself — more precisely in jail and with a meth overdose — on the very night she was arrested. What a pity! What a martyr! What a great legacy of human decency, mental health and academic excellence! 🙂   

If that very “professional” escort hadn’t committed suicide with illegal drugs in jail, she would have made tenure at Yale thanks to the honest and always reliable recommendation of her “dear friend,” Katie Trumpener. 

These people are shameless.

The cheap-and-cheesy soap opera between Sam See and Katie Trumpener demonstrates beyond any doubt that we need more funding and more affirmative action for LGBTQ in academia, right? 🙂  

Miss Sunder Ganglani

Male prostitution, meth, drug abuse, HIV, fucking raw with a grad student at the school of drama, having manic depression and a “small stroke,” getting arrested for domestic violence and threats to the police? 

But that’s all perfectly normal!

Actually, we should give Sam See tenure, and hire more excellent scholars exactly like her! 🙂  

Quint’s oral tradition fosters talent, although not necessarily academic talent.  

So, wash your filthy mouth before talking, you crazy sleazebag!  


Not even the dirtiest of beasts do this. 

We can’t possibly have evolved from the monkeys — they’re much more civilized than us.  

What personal pronoun do you prefer? 


Diversity or Pathology? 

Even only ten years ago, all of the above was clinically discussed as “mental illness” and “pathology” — and “gender dysmorphia” or “dysphoria” are only euphemistic terms to describe that — but now the PC terminology is “diversity.”

Jeez, sometimes human nature can change and evolve very fast! All people have evolved their own diverse identity in the last 10 years, and we have to respect them all! 🙂 

For instance, Bill Cosby is a sick and decrepit baby boomer who would first lure women with cheap dinner and jokes; and then he would serve them alcohol and drugs, so they wouldn’t laugh at his impotence. 

See? He had an “identity problem” and he came up with a creative, adaptive solution. 

And who are you to judge his new identity?

You’re racist, homophobic and Islamophobic — and you don’t deserve an identity of your own!!!  


This is how the average criminal and sociopath reacts when he stands convicted: 

he self-righteously denies any wrongdoing;

he’s angry at the victims and accuses them of his own crimes; 

and at the same time, he gets pathological satisfaction from the mad idea of causing them harm. 

Think of all the murderers, rapists and sex offenders protected by Yale’s corrupt administration, e.g. Raymond Clark sexually assaulted and murdered an Asian American researcher, Annie Le, and later desecrated her body — but thanks to Yale, he got away with 40 years in prison! Fucking ridiculous. 

This is in fact the common reaction of the average sociopath who gets caught and ends up in jail. 


Sociopaths like the Clintons may think they can get away with their crimes,

but at 70+ time is running out fast, and very soon they’ll have to pay the final bill to their landlord.   

Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Leslie Millwee and Monica Lewinsky will read his eulogy.    

FBI director claims that “no charges” are appropriate for Clinton’s email scandal. 

Clever & tragically funny montage — I also enjoy her outrageous facial expressions.