U.S. citizenship requires proper identification, proof of paid taxes, and no criminal record.

September 11, 2018

Seventeenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the United States  


The Yale Daily Crap is the most ideological, the most politically partisan, the most inaccurate — in short, the crappiest website that purports to be connected with American academia. 

Martha MacCallum denounced the Yale Daily News for libeling and spreading false news against Judge Kavanaugh, since they misrepresented him as “guilty by association” with one of Yale’s many Greek societies, DKE, whose members also include former U.S. Presidents George H. W. Bush (1989-1993) and George W. Bush (2001-2009):  https://video.foxnews.com/v/5838291575001/?playlist_id=5531483348001#sp=show-clips

Imagine being trashed by one of the highest paid and most respected journalists in the world! 

Is Salovey and/or the administration going to reprimand and discipline all the responsible people at the Daily Crap? 

And are they going to apologize to Judge Kavanaugh and his family? 


When the fuck was this, 20 years ago?

Clean up your online profile, you fucking loser.


 Justine Bunis, B.A., who wrote malicious libel against me six years ago, in 2012, is now an UNDERPAID 30-year-old COFFEE GIRL who can’t even afford to pay for rent, car and bills. What goes around, comes around.

It’s worthless people like that who dare to slander Supreme Court nominees with an impeccable life and an outstanding academic career. That’s STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, ENVY and HATRED for what they could never accomplish themselves. Total trash.    

The Daily Crap is managed and edited by a bunch of bigoted 60-year-old baby boomers, and very poorly written by pretentious and ignorant undergrads who slander Republicans in order to score points with their leftist adjunct professors. They don’t have a clue about journalism ethics and standards such as truth, fairness, impartiality, humanity and accountability.

They never check their sources, and never care to contact international students and scholars before slandering them. In fact, they routinely forge and plagiarize “undeniable evidence” to slander all the “bad people” they don’t like, such as: Republicans; Caucasians; White Women; International Students and Scholars; Legal Immigrants who actually pay taxes and who have been through the long and expensive process of American Citizenship; Italian-Americans who take all their ignorant, racist stereotypes and stick them up their broken asses; and, of course, all “Catholic bigots” who are “guilty by association” for having been born in the country that hosts the Vatican State. 

No one believes Salovey’s pathetic lies when he claims that Yale welcomes immigrants: I am the living proof that that’s not the case. 


But it didn’t work the way the you planned it, you crap 😉 

Here the Daily Crap claims that “hundreds” of people in New Haven rallied in support of an illegal alien who has never paid taxes in the United States, and who has been able to avoid deportation until now by having three children in the city’s hospitals — at your expense: https://yaledailynews.com/blog/2018/09/09/hundreds-rally-to-support-undocumented-new-havener/

Well, if “hundreds” of people were in attendance, here we only see a lonely fat kid tripping on acid, and taking a selfie 😉  

Reality check. 

Illegals without identification: 

1) never pay taxes, which is a serious crime in and of itself; 

2) they operate vehicles — cars, trucks and motorcycles — without a driving licence and without insurance, endangering the life of everyone who has the misfortune of crossing their path on the road; 

3) they don’t pay for healthcare coverage, and yet they exploit local hospitals in order to get free treatment for all their physical and mental illnesses, and in order to give birth and have children, which is the surest and quickest way to remain in the U.S. without a visa. 

Moreover, many illegals are involved in organized crime and criminal activities: theft; prostitution; assault; murder; D.U.I.s and hit-and-runs; human trafficking, sex trade and forced labor — which is modern slavery; illegal housing — which may result in fires and other serious accidents; the trafficking and smuggling of drugs, weapons and people into the country… 

Mollie Tibbetts (1998-2018) was the prototypical all-American girl. She was stabbed to death, murdered by an illegal alien who had been living in the country for seven years — without paying taxes, of course, and driving a car without a licence and without an insurance policy. The same car he used to stalk and kill the victim.  

Before saying that Mollie Tibbetts was “just some white girl from Iowa” and her brutal death is not important and indicative of a widespread, tragic phenomenon, please consider that the same thing may very well happen to you or to the people you care about, cf. Remarks by President Trump and Members of the Angel Families on Immigration, June 22, 2018: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-members-angel-families-immigration/

Here are just a few statistics on the human toll of illegal immigration. According to a 2011 government report, the arrests attached to the criminal alien population included an estimated 25,000 people for homicide; 42,000 for robbery; nearly 70,000 for sex offenses; and nearly 15,000 for kidnapping. In Texas alone, within the last 7 years, more than 250,000 criminal aliens have been arrested and charged with over 600,000 criminal offenses […] In 2016, more than 15,000 Americans died from a heroin overdose. More than 90 percent of the heroin comes from across the southern border. Ninety percent.”

   Trade, 2007 

There is a process to live permanently in the United States, and it’s called CITIZENSHIP. During the Obama years, it was quite expensive and time-consuming, and all those without the necessary qualifications had to face deportation.   

It’s pathetic now for Obama to deny his previous conduct. And it’s both disgraceful and hypocritical for him to blabber about “empathy and compassion” for every human being when he couldn’t even have “empathy and compassion” for his own half-brother, George, who used to live in a slum in Nairobi.

Start showing some “empathy and compassion” for your own family, you hypocrite!

Barack’s brother used to live in a barrack. 

ABC – Giant success for Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016 documentary, Obama’s America:  


 CNN, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer – Obama won’t help half-brother George who lives in poverty:

After the 2008 market crash, Obama wasted your tax money to bail out all the big banks and their super-rich CEO-s, who certainly didn’t need any additional bonus for creating a global economic collapse.

And thanks to Obama, not one of them went to jail. 

The Big Short, 2015 

But now Obama claims that President Trump supports the rich elites and damages the middle classes, when the whole nation is aware that people on the left want to identify with the elites 😉 So, which is which? They have their “identity” all miked up — they want to be poor illegal aliens during the week, and rich elites during the weekend 😉  

For Obama, that’s a hyperbolic propaganda reversal worthy of a drunken funambolist.

And for the left, it shows they are unable to deliver an original, coherent, convincing political message that is relevant for millions of American citizens across the board, addressing the real economic problems that the country is facing now. 

The deregulation and tax cuts promoted by President Trump allowed companies to go back to business and reinvest in themselves in order to increase real  productivity and hire new people, including workers who had been unemployed for years and had to live on state subsidy and food stamps.

That’s creating solid foundations for the economy. 

Pumping empty money into a stagnating system, as Obama did, only creates inflation and hyperinflation.     

Energy and manufacturing jobs are back. 

 The crippling international regulations were imposed only on the United States,

while China and Russia have always been free to pollute the planet. 

Four thousand deaths every day due to air pollution in China.   

Water pollution in China looks like the Plagues of Egypt… 

Do you want some raw fish? 

Help yourself!

Employment stats consider the number of people, not the number of jobs, you freaking idiot! 😉

A B.A. from Boston University is expensive and doesn’t usually come with a fellowship — who paid for a stupid, ignorant socialist, who doesn’t even know the location and political situation of Palestine? And after all that waste, why going back to being a waitress? It sounds like a BIG scam — and perhaps someone should look into it 😉 


If you call Obama’s dirty politics with their proper name, i.e. the stupid tricks of a pathetic liar and hypocrite, he’ll slander and attack you with ad hominems, calling you a racist like Raynard Jackson, David Clarke, Candice Owens and Diamond & Silk! 😉 And here’s economist Charles Payne, another racist, homophobic, assophobic republican — and mind you, he may even have secret ties with Russia! 😉 

Charles Payne on Fox Business – How women lead the way in the return of American entrepreneurship: 

Corruption is universal, and you can’t use identity politics to pay your bills, or to conceal your crimes. People need MORE MONEY in their pockets and money is neither black nor white, but GREEN. 

Demetrius Griffin was a 15-year-old African American living in Chicago, who was assaulted and burned alive in a trash can because he was guilty of NOT wanting to be part of a street gang. He wanted to go to school, instead.  

Before supporting illegals, it is imperative to solve, first and foremost, the problems of legitimate American citizens, particularly the poor and underprivileged African Americans living in cities like Chicago. That’s the only way to prove with facts that you’re not a racist.

Laura Ingraham moderates a town-hall talk on gang violence in Chicago: 

Gang violence in Chicago is out of control, which is both troubling and paradoxical, considering that Chicago is Barack Obama’s base. That hypocrite is now pocketing big checks to go around preaching that someone else must fix the world’s problems, when he couldn’t even fix his home town — let alone the country or the world — when he had the chance to do so.

But what did he do instead? 

Careful, Michelle, whiskey in the morning will give you the munchies for the rest of the day…

 Why don’t you practice what you preach, Michelle? 

Garden vegetables can be very good for you – just wash them first. 

Here’s a couple of maps detailing the 59 gangs currently terrorizing Chicago — choose the one that fits you best: 


Obama and his friend Rahm Emanuel eliminated one thousand police jobs in Chicago.

Have a look at Laura Ingraham’s interview with Chicago residents and city authorities.

After her interview aired a few days ago, Emanuel announced he would not seek re-election. 


Today is the seventeenth anniversary of 9/11.

Heroes walking bravely towards their death. 

Not empty palaver, but “empathy and compassion” in action. 

The desperation of a first-rescuer hero who believed he hadn’t done enough. 

People are still dying of cancer. 

“God, they were not ready to die today, but save their souls!”

Let’s remember the 3,000 victims who died on that day at the Twin Towers and at the Pentagon, as well as the 6,000 more who have so far developed different types of cancers after being exposed to toxic substances onsite. That number is only going to increase with time. 

The Islamic terrorists who hijacked the planes had previously been trained in a flight school in FLORIDA. 

One of them reportedly told his instructor he wanted to learn how to take off, but wasn’t interested in landing. 

After hearing about the first crash in NYC, the passengers of flight 93 decided to hijack the hijackers and sacrificed their lives to save their fellow citizens. Now, that is “sacrificing everything.”

The 350 firefighters who went into that hell actually “sacrificed everything.” 

A has-been is NOT sacrificing anything when he takes a knee against the American anthem and all the values it stands for. He’s just trying to steal more money in a different field, without actually having to work. If Krappennick dislikes the country that gave him an overpaid and unmerited job, he should emigrate to China or Russia and be at peace. 

But he does like the money, the freedom and the bitches, here, doesn’t he?

Fucking hypocrite. 


Definitely not the best marketing strategy. 

The 102 Minutes That Changed America Documentary 

Donald Trump on the streets of New York a few days after the attack, while people are still wearing masks against the toxic pollution. The billionaire donated half a million dollars of his own money to the Red Cross in order to help the victims. Before you slander our President saying that half a million dollars is nothing, when was the last time you actually took one thousand dollars out of your salary, and donated it to a local charity? 

Deadly hypocrisy. 

 Vice President Pence honors the victims of 9/11 at the Pentagon. That VP Pence may one day become President Pence, and grant us eight more years of peace and prosperity! 






Why don’t you hack this academic satire up your old, broken ass, Saussy?  

Look at this shit:  

“The history of intellectual growth and discovery clearly demonstrates THE NEED FOR UNFETTERED FREEDOM, the RIGHT TO THINK THE UNTHINKABLE, and CHALLENGE THE UNCHALLENGEABLE. 

To curtail freedom of expression strikes twice at INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM, for whoever deprives another of the right to state unpopular views necessarily also deprives others of the right to listen to those views.”

 Programs and Policies of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Fall 2011, p. 530


Sure, eat my shit! 

Let me tell you a secret, asshole:  

The reason why my satire works all over the world is because it is true and based on the truth. 

 The best laughter springs from the truth. 

It does not oppress the innocent, but makes fun of liars, hypocrites and criminals. 


You can’t fake it, as you do with fake learning and fake feminism. 

You can’t forge it, as you did with your wife’s crappy dissertation. 

And you can’t slander it, as you’re trying to do with me, my husband and even my family — as well as anybody who speaks up and denounces your academic and financial frauds. You’re not going far with this, since at least a couple of million people know that Olga Solovieva is a stupid, ignorant, ugly hoe from friendly Russia with depression, crappy white hair and a drinking problem.

Saussy should face reality and go to hell:

These are his brothers working at a Mexican restaurant:

Phil (first on the left) and Larry (first on the right). 

Making America Great Again


A family of intellectuals and upper-class people! 🙂  

Saussy’s father, Tupper Saussy, was an insane KKK conspiracy theorist, who was tried and convicted for tax evasion but escaped the feds, living like a bum on the streets for more than 10 (ten) years!

Finally he was apprehended, and had to spend 2 years IN JAIL before dying like a dog.  

Look who’s talking about other people’s parents and families!!!


Tupper KKK Saussy tried to justify and exculpate the murderer of Martin Luther King!!! 

Something completely desperate, crazy, stupid and EVIL. 

I really wonder. If anyone in my family had had ANY connection with the KKK or any other racist organization, I would never have been hired as a professional student at an Ivy League university. 

So, HOW THE FUCK did Saussy get in? 

Rest in hell, insane KKK conspiracy theorist;

water-color painter of paper bags;

convicted tax evader;

fugitive bum for 10+ years;



Saussy is just worthless white trash from redneck Tennessee. 

He has made it his business to harass, slander and abuse graduate students, so he can create a diversion and cover-up his extra-marital affair with a Russian hose who was also his dissertation advisee! 

That isn’t just cheating — that’s a record-breaking academic and financial fraud! 

Saussy was supposed to direct Stupidieva’s “academic research” and dissertation, but he actually wrote that bullshit, and pestered each and everyone in the business to come up with a tenure track for her, in a bogus field such as “film studies and comparative literature,” at a time when not even Albert Einstein would be able find one! 

No conflict of interest there, absolutely. 

He just needed the money pay alimony to his ex-wife. 

The “Body of Christ” is a very paradoxical subject for a couple of drunken cheats like Saussy and Solovieva.

And it took him no less than TWELVE YEARS to publish a small part of it! 

Why was it even passed, then, by 3 personal friends of Saussy’s?  

Woah, there’s a entire bottle of cheap wine in that glass! 

Olga Solovieva, Victor Fan and Haun Saussy taking the pic.

One, two, three… that’s a B movie — a horror movie!!!   


I wonder how they fuck him. 

Maybe in a manwich, with Solovieva on top using a strap-on? 

Or the two guys sucking each other’s filth in a 69…

and Solovieva fucking her drunken husband in the shit?  




Or maybe…  


When the shit hits the fan! 🙂

Victor Fan is a trashy old drunkard who pretends to be a woman. 

And in his delusion, he’s absolutely convinced to be healthy, sane and attractive… 


But if the entire human race suffered from his same mental illness & pathological delusion, 

we would all go extinct in less than 70 years.  


Fan is an adjunct who gets hired and fired every year.

As soon as the next economic crisis kicks in, he’ll be one of the first to get fired.  

And what will he do, since he doesn’t have a fucking dime? 


And after all that INSANITY an CORRUPTION, 

HOW ON EARTH can that hypocrite be tolerated when he accuses anyone else? 


Haun Saussy’s castration complex has a name, and it’s called Yu-Lin Wang 🙂  

Links to my article, Court Documents for Solovieva, Saussy and Wang:




Nicki Minaj, Lookin’ Ass Niggas 

“Look at y’all, can’t get a job, so you plottin’ how to rob ass niggas.”


Fucking Saussy cannot identify any “methodology” or “subject matter” for comparative literature. But this doesn’t say anything about the discipline itself, only the way he misrepresents it based on the sort of ignorant plagiarist he is. Saussy has been projecting his sick, empty, ignorant mind onto an entire discipline for too many years.  


Should comparative literature really be like “the virtue of Zen emptiness,” as he foolishly claims? 

Of course not, that’s an academic & financial fraud. 

Without any established methodology, how can anyone censor anyone else’s academic research and writing? 

There are ZERO African Americans and ZERO Italian Americans in comp.lit  

It’s KKK-friendly, like Tupper Saussy.  

The dogs involved in this scam are academic plagiarist and fraudsters who cause an incalculable damage to the education system, not only in this country but also in Europe. 

On the one hand, they make up stories and forge “undeniable” evidence to eliminate anybody who speaks up to denounce their crimes, in particular sex harassment and abuse of students and teaching staff, work exploitation, extortion and blackmailing.  

And on the other, they support all their worthless and ignorant “friends,” like the deceased Sam See, with whom they have a pact of non-belligerence and mutual protection, i.e. they don’t rat on each other’s ignorance, financial frauds and sex abuses. 

So, if someone needs a cover-up for something illegal he’s doing…

For instance, with his dissertation advisee in 2005 or 2006…  

In this way, they try to keep the scam going as long as possible. 

And in corrupt places like Yale, this only adds insult to injury when you consider that 99% of the teaching personnel don’t even have a Yale degree, but come from lesser universities in the United States like Cornell, Notre Dame or Chicago. 

So, do they become more competent when they’re hired? Of course not — same crap as before. 

And at the same time, the best scholars in English Lit are always employed somewhere else, e.g. the U.K. or Berkeley.   


 So much for all the ignorant, envious rednecks who use PERSONAL CONNECTIONS and NETWORKING to slander and character-assassinate other people and their entire families, exactly like the MOB. What goes around, comes around. Every human being must face death, and they will not escape justice. 

If that hypocrite truly believes in the Divine Justice and Retribution he feels entitled to practice toward other human beings — without being a bishop himself, in fact, quite the opposite of that — then he should never forget that human life is full of unforeseen circumstances and acts of God. 

Especially since he has a perfect example of INSANITY in his father, Tupper Saussy, who blatantly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was convinced that the government was PERSECUTING him through taxation, which eventually led to his trial, condemnation and incarceration. 

Paranoia, schizophrenia and jail? A deranged and deeply disturbed individual who befriended and tried to exculpate the MURDERER of Martin Luther King, Leader of the Civil Rights Movement?? But that’s an excellent DNA!!!    

And speaking of Divine Justice, many physical and mental illness may befall you, especially since they’re already in your DNA, before you reach your final destination 6 feet under: 


Caleb Powell Haun was Saussy’s maternal grandfather, who died at 59 (1904-1963). 

They usually have a short life. 

Until very recently, self-professed “sex historians” like Richard Maxwell — Katie Trumpener’s partner, who died of BRAIN CANCER in 2010, aged 61 — had to place special orders at their academic libraries, like Yale’s Sterling Memorial, in order to have access to all types of porn. 

ALL types of porn are available at Sterling Memorial, both legal and illegal, meaning child porn. I can’t believe that the federal government isn’t interested in what’s been going on. And in my opinion, many people involved with all that CRAP should go to jail and remain there for a long, long time.  

For sick and deranged individuals like Richard Maxwell, Haun Saussy, Katie Trumpener, Sam See, Moira BDSM Fradinger, etc., researching “sex history” has always been a way to cover up their mental illnesses, depressions, strokes, brain cancers, alcoholism, drug addictions, HIV and sexual perversions — while at the same time still making money off of them. 

Sam See was a meth junkie bitch who committed suicide in jail. 

That’s how FEDERAL FUNDING as well as YOUR HIGH TUITION FEES have been wasted for years to foster the “progress” of the “humanities,” yeah right. But now that you can find everything online, both private and public money can be saved for other “cultural initiatives”…