Link to my page on corruption in Italy


“Oh, darling, please, fuck me in the ass – but don’t tell my wife!”

She used to work, and he used to steal both from her and from the State – what a great love story!!! 

Lei lavorava, e lui rubava sia a lei che allo Stato – che gran storia d’amore!!!

“I’m just about to die, but I’m in great shape!”

Never before in history did we have so many decrepit people around: the baby boomers, who desperately cling to life thanks to new drugs, cardiac surgery, bypass engineering, etc. That’s a big burden for society, especially in small countries like Italy. Their mind is mush and their body is rotten and falling to pieces. But they can’t accept the fact that they are going to die — actually, the mere thought terrifies them — so, they distract and delude themselves, and that’s the sort of crap they do.  

The Ebony Goddess and the baby boomers. 

What else? 

This is my link to a satire about corruption in Italy. In Italian, this time, because I have many readers there, too. 

Questo e’ un link a una mia satira sulla corruzione in Italia. In Italiano, questa volta, perche’ ho molti lettori anche la’…