michelle wolf, stupid white trash

Michelle Wolf’s jokes bombed so badly that it was actually painful to watch. 

What a stupid cunt! Look at people’s faces upon delivery, at 1:03 – 1:05), a mix of anger, disappointment and embarrassment. The third guy on our right, especially, seems to be thinking: “How much money did we waste on this fucking white trash?”

I’m sorry for all of us. 

And for Steve Carell, the king of bad jokes that actually make people laugh. Carell should always be on call for this type of events, any year. In my opinion, Wolf tries more or less to do the same thing, but with very different results.

Having said that, after hearing the enlightening things Wolf had to say about abortion — “Don’t knock [abortion] until you try it. But when you do try it, really knock it! You gotta get that baby outta there.” — Peter Salovey has made up his mind to invite her for a public lecture to Yale undergrads, and he will instantly grant her a double Ph.D. in Psychology and Educational Leadership. 

Here’s Salovey with Gaga, for instance, who was generously hired to sponsor Yale’s special “psychology program” to help students control their feelings and emotions. And clearly, Gaga’s record shows, beyond any possible doubt, that she was in fact the most appropriate person in the world to do so, and run away with the money! More good investments for Yale! 😉  


Control suits her.


We should give Gaga a gun licence and a couple of machine-guns.

Eating problems? 


Interesting sexual practices, and quite educational too. 

In fact, Gaga herself should get a honorary degree. Perhaps in Interdisciplinary Sciences, merging, as she does, Gender Studies with European History, with a special focus on German history and the history of World War II.   


       Well, Salovey must have liked that.



There are so many great Steve Carell videos that you can check out by yourself. Here I’m just going to highlight his hilarious, tongue-in-cheek joke about sex and corruption at Yale.

In Little Miss Sunshine, Carell is in the role of a gay Yale professor of comparative literature — actually, “the most highly regarded Proust scholar” in the entire English-speaking world! 😉 — who falls in love with a grad student, but then tries to kill himself when he finds out that the student actually betrays him with a rival colleague 🙂

An eye-opener, and a much necessary antidote to the death of comedy that we’ve recently had to endure, so enjoy!