There’s no dignity in suffocation

How many UK royals and judges would like to be suffocated to death? 


I hated how this case was handled for a number of reasons:

1) It misrepresents the concept of “death with dignity,” which has been present in Western culture since ancient Rome; and therefore, it creates another useless obstacle in finalizing the necessary laws for all the terminally ill patients who would have a legitimate right to euthanasia, e.g. terminal cancers, Alzheimer, etc.   

2) It misrepresents universal healthcare: the problem is NOT a healthcare system run by the state — in fact, Italy and France are the best in the world, which the English very much resent — but a LEGAL system that disregards parental authority and treats underage citizens as its own private property, e.g. objects or animals;

3) Double standards were applied at every stage of the process: royal children are NOT subject to the state, but to their parents’ authority – as they should be. Can you imagine little Louis being stolen from William and Kate? The legal system in the U.K. is fundamentally dysfunctional as it affirms that all human beings are NOT created equal, because some have more rights then others.  

4) Allowing Alfie to be treated in a different country, with a better healthcare system, was just a basic freedom and a basic civil right;  

5) Furthermore, offering treatment to cases like Alfie is not just an act of “generosity” but the SMART thing to do for everyone because it fosters SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and PROGRESS. Treatment would have helped not only this kid, but many other people affected by that particular disease or by a similar one. 

It is amazing how many people still ignore the fact that scientific breakthroughs in one field can be helpful and enlightening in many others. So, regardless of the final outcome, Alfie’s parents would have had the satisfaction of knowing that many other human beings could have been positively affected by their tireless work and sacrifice. 

What a fucking waste, proudly made in England. 

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