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YEY, let’s celebrate the POWER OF ACADEMIC SATIRE with a Mariachi celebration!!! LOL (And if you want to book these nice ladies for your party, their number is at the end of the video [glad to help : ] )


The Yale English department illustrates the content of English 101 

Leslie Brisman indulges all his cravings because he has a lot of self-indulgence, but he is unaware of the religious, Christian Catholic meaning of the word indulgence and its historical significance in Shakespeare’s times, i.e. Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation and Henry VIII’s establishment of an independent Church of England.  

BE CAREFUL, STUDENTS: the ignorance of these parasites is not so much their problem as it is yours. You will have to pay for it with your money and your life UNLESS you denounce them for what they are: THIEVES and CRIMINALS who should rather be IN JAIL, like Tupper Saussy.   

The American Heritage: Roman Catholic Church To grant an ecclesiastical indulgence or dispensation to. 

According to Brisman, the Catholic meaning of indulgence in the epilogue of Shakespeare’s The Tempest is perfectly “irrelevant.” So, because I happen to think it is historically and religiously significant, that means I can’t recognize a metaphor and, because of that, my dissertation can’t be approved and must be blocked. 

Brisman is also unaware of the fact that MY FIRST RECOMMENDER for Yale is none other than GEORGE LAKOFF at U.C. BERKELEY, who spent his whole life researching and teaching the theory of metaphor to thousands of students, colleagues and friends, including myself. 



Sorry, George: your research is “irrelevant,” according to Brisman – even though Brisman himself is “irrelevant” for Shakespeare studies.       

Sure, that sounds like Yale. 

Suck it.

What type of metaphor is this? 

Bloom can swear he has never quoted in his whole damn wasted life, so he’s innocent. 


 Peter Hawkins at the Yale Divinity School has rewritten Moses and St Paul to increase their emotional and financial appeal. 

Peter Hawkins likes a double dose of social justice right up the greater New Haven area, which unfortunately is affected by a lot of stinky poverty and crime.  

David Quint can’t get over his anal fixation. 

Thank you, Mr. President…