The Russian conspiracy theory

Two Russian comedians’ phone prank against U.S. Rep Adam Schiff

Even though American universities have been filled with Communist parasites such as Moira Fradinger and Katie Trumpener at least since the late Sixties, here we are, having to listen to their nonsense about President Trump and the Russian conspiracy theory. These are fraudsters, criminals and internal terrorists, and they can’t stop creating mayhem and stealing YOUR money.

Throw them in jail, and throw away the key! 


“Olga Boozava, also known as a person with a strange reputation…” 

“Well, I hope that my information will be useful for you and your comedy…”

Solve all your academic problems, Olga, and keep drinking vodka. 

Here’s Olga Solovieva, Haun Saussy’s ex-graduate student in comparative literature and now also his bitch wife, was previously married to an Irish guy who let her into the country because perhaps he found an “elective affinity” with her passion for vodka. How’s she doing now with the Russian probe? 

 Saussy also wrote, uhm, that is to say, supervised her unpublished and un-publishable dissertation on the “Body of Christ,” a topic about which Saussy knows NOTHING, and which has NOTHING to do with the non-field of comparative literature.   

Is it legal to supervise the dissertation of your “girlfriend”? No, it’s not.

There is first of all an apparent PERSONAL CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.

But there is also a more covert FINANCIAL CONFLICT of INTERESTS in that Saussy lobbied to get Solovieva an academic job in order to pay alimony for his ex-wife, You-Lin Wang. 

Not only should they both be fired now, but they should also be dismissed from the academic community and held accountable for all the money they’ve been stealing at Yale and Chicago since her fake “graduation” in 2006. 

Give back all the money you stole, you fucking pigs!  

And they should be SUED in a class action by all the legitimate candidates, both at Yale and Chicago, who were rejected in favor of Stupidieva. 

What a complete waste of RESOURCES, SCHOLARSHIP and TALENT!  

What a scandal, and what a protracted academic and financial academic FRAUD!  


Don’t slander other people when you’re just a crappy, trashy whore.   


The Body of Christ??? 

Down in Tennessee, Saussy’s brothers are cooks in a Mexican restaurant: 

Here’s Larry, or Laurent 😉

And this is Phil, or Pierre-Philippe 😉

And Haun Saussy’s crazy schizophrenic father, Tupper Saussy, was a writer of conspiracy theories such as Rulers of Evil, a condemned tax evader, a runway who lived 10+ years on the streets like a bum, and ultimately a jail inmate back in Tennessee. 

But what an excellent DNA and family legacy!

Now the question is: how THE FUCK did Saussy manage to be EVEN CONSIDERED for an Ivy League university?

And how THE FUCK does he dare judge ANYONE ELSE?

A piece of crap like Saussy is the last person on earth who ought to judge others, least of all based on their Facebook (!) and/or their supposed origin, race or family. Surely enough, now, Saussy supports all illegal immigrants who drive a car WITHOUT INSURANCE and have never paid TAXES in the U.S. like his own father, Tupper Saussy. 

Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house, you piece of shit.   

And if you call a thief VOLEUR, he doesn’t cease to be a THIEF.

That’s just pathetic. 

Tupper Saussy, a mentally ill criminal from the Deep South, white-trash lineage.

SWINE DECONSTRUCTION: if you put lipstick on pigs, they don’t cease to be pigs. 

These thieves and criminals are going to end up in jail, 

and no one will get their ugly old ass out of there for a long, long time.