Antivirus Antihacker

February 2, 2019

I’m going to edit the old Antivirus, and in the meantime it remains here, at the top of the list.

Every Roman Satire I’ve been working on, over these years, already has a shorter version of the Antivirus that only focuses on Haun Saussy’s corruption and dysfunctional family.

First of all, his destructive, three-way divorce involving the wife, Yu-Lin Wang, also a Yale instructor in the dept of Chinese; and a mature graduate student from Russia, Olga Solovieva, who “wrote” her comparative literature dissertation on “The Body of Christ” under his reliable and very knowledgeable “supervision,” so to speak, absolutely free of conflict of interests… 

How’s that an improvement, asshole?

Get a new pair of glasses!  

 And then, of course, Haun Saussy’s crazy father, Tupper Saussy: the paranoid conspiracy theorist with KKK sympathies, who befriended the MURDERER of MARTIN LUTHER KING and attempted to write his apology! How totally fucked-up is that? 

A guy who, at one point in his life, became convinced that the government was persecuting him through taxation, so he defrauded the IRS and tried to persuade other people to do the same!

Now, those people back in white-trash Tennessee were also condemned for tax evasion. And after losing their lives and careers, they’d probably like to lynch and kill him, if he weren’t already dead and rotting underground…  


Tupper Saussy was a condemned tax evader who instead of acknowledging his madness, asking for forgiveness and serving his sentence, tried to ESCAPE THE FEDS by living like a bum on the city streets for more than 10 (ten!) years, before being apprehended and finally serving TWO YEARS behind bars. 


Excellent, family! 

Excellent DNA!

And with that, I’d say it’s even crazier to slander anyone else. 

Saussy should take a long vacation in a PRISON for the CRIMINALLY INSANE like his father, Tupper. 


Turning your corruption against yourself. 

I’m fucking your old, broken ass — and you know it 🙂 





Hey, Saussy: why don’t you hack this academic satire up your old, broken ass?   


Rest in Peace: no one is above the Satirical Law. Why don’t you get a culture and learn something about the tradition of European satire? From the classics to modernism, from Juvenal to James Joyce.

The average person out there is not aware of the fact that universities are full of thieves. Therefore my satire denounces their academic and financial fraud, i.e. the one they’re pulling off at the expenses of students and their paying families in departments such as English, Italian, Spanish, foreign languages, comparative literature, etc.

These thieves have the full support of university administrators, a bunch of ignorant and useless parasites whose inflated salaries only bring up tuition fees, since they are paid to create problems instead of solving them. 

This academic and financial fraud takes place at the expenses of everyone else: real scholars in any field of scholarship, graduate and undergraduate students who waste their precious time, and hard-working families who pay good money for nothing. 


My 3 websites have a new, bigger and better provider, and are currently under construction with new editing and image selection. 

All images are from the public domain.

It takes some time to edit 40+ satires x 3 = 120+ between posts and pages, but it’s worth every fucking penny.

Every day my satirical sites are read in many different countries in the world.

Protect yourself against the reverse-SEO scam, i.e. reversed “search engine optimization.” Hackers do reverse-SEO and today everyone can easily become a target if they are professionals, if they have a business with a lot of competitors, if they’re fashionable or in the public eye for a reason or other, etc.

The fact that I have many views from around the world is interesting, because I don’t sell anything and this is not a commercial gossip site, but only smart academic satire based on factual truth. 

Perhaps people understand that they should be concerned about their money?


Rest in Peace: I write much better than 99% of native English speakers, let alone all the parasites who get into these useless departments with a thick regional accent and only a couple of sentences of basic English. 

stupid americans don't know their own laguage let alone others

This instead is an example of American Idiots who don’t even know their own language, let alone foreign languages.

And many dumbasses at Yale don’t even know where the mistake is.

The American philosopher Allan Bloom was the first to criticize the academic and financial fraud of comparative literature, cf. The Closing of the American Mind, 1987.

“Comparative literature.. tended to generate systems of comparison that dominated the literary works, tributes to the ingenuity of their founders rather than openings through which the works could reveal themselves freed from arbitrary constraints. Comparative literature has now fallen largely into the hands of a group of professors who are influenced by the post-Sartrean generation of Parisian Heideggerians, in particular Derrida, Foucault and Barthes.

The school is called Deconstructionism, and it is the last, predictable stage in the suppression of reason and the denial of the possibility of truth in the name of philosophy. The interpreter’s creative activity is more important than the text; there is no text, only interpretation. Thus the one thing most necessary for us, the knowledge of what these texts have to tell us, is turned over to the subjective, creative selves of these interpreters, who say that there is no text and no reality to which the texts refer.

A cheapened interpretation of Nietzsche liberates us from the objective imperatives of the texts that might have liberated us from our increasingly low and narrow horizon. Everything has tended to soften the demands made on us by tradition; this simply dissolves it. This fad will pass, as it has already in Paris. But it appeals to our worst instincts and shows where our temptations lie.” (379)  

Derrida came from philosophy and wrote about literature because he was unprepared and didn’t have a solid foundation in his field.  

But now plagiarists such as Katie Trumpener and Sam See, Haun Saussy and Olga Solovieva, Victor Fan, McCrea, Devecka, Pericles Lewis, Moira Fradinger, David Quint, Giuseppe Mazzotta and Carol Chiodo, etc., try to do the opposite: coming from literature – and often modern or pre-modern literature – they talk nonsense about philosophy, and indeed anything else: The “Body of Christ,” comparative theology and metaphysics, history, historiography, international politics, globalization, ecology, WWII, Irish Studies, gender studies, feminism, different types of sex reassignment surgery, German in English translation, the Greek and Latin classics in English translation, etc.

All these thieves sneaked into academia through the large door of comparative literature, and now they’re stealing YOUR money pontificating about anything else. That’s money wasted.

These are the “humanities” at Yale,  esp. English, comparative literature and foreign languages. 


pigs heads

old pigs asses english department yale

The proliferation of H.I.V.


H.I.V. rash in its early stages.

Find a job with that.  


Pedophilia – NAMBLA at a gay parade.

Hey, freedom for all, right?

And what’s this shit?

Sex reassignment surgery or Frankenstein?

This pic is copyright of BSIP/UIG via Getty Images — free in the public domain, for pay if needed for a printed publication.

Henry Gabrielle Hospital in Lyon, France, department of urology. Post-operative nursing care of transsexual man after sex reassignment surgery, i.e. phalloplasty, which happens after the removal of the breasts.  

No one can create living organs, so the skin has to be removed from the non-dominant thigh and forearm.

Check out for yourself all the Google Images related to sex reassignment surgery, both male-to-female and female-to-male, as in this case.  

Sex reassignment surgery is often included in a student’s insurance package at many unspecified colleges and universities in the United States.

Then you’ll need life-long counselling and hormone therapy, with unpredictable side-effects, because anything else may be a pathology, but this is…  

how you really feel about yourself,”

“your true gender and identity,”

“your true self that emerges from your subconscious,”

“the discovery of who you really are,”

and therefore “perfectly natural” and “normal.”

This shit may be “free” as long as you’re a gullible student, but when school is over, next semester, you’ll start paying for it all by yourself. 

For your entire life you’ll have to finance this thing with your lousy job if and only if you can find one with health-care and pension. 

And not just any health-care, but one that offers this very exotic, very “comprehensive” type of coverage.

Until recently, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) listed different types of sexual inversion as forms of mental illness.

They were removed without much publicity for political reasons that have nothing to do with science and peer-reviewed scientific research.  

But Bill Clinton was not elected president – and Hillary Clinton was not elected senator – with that political program. Quite to the contrary, they had to show support for the institution of marriage, i.e. between 1 man and 1 woman, as one of the “foundational institutions of history, and humanity and civilization.”

Transcript from the first video of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat-New York, U.S. Senate, 2004:

“I believe that marriage is not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman…


So I take umbrage at anyone who might suggest that those of us who worry about amending the Constitution are less committed to the sanctity of marriage, or to the fundamental bedrock [sic] principle that exists between a man and a woman going back into the midst of history [sic]…

…as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history, and humanity and civilization.”

What a great speaker.

Transcript from the second video of Sen. Clinton interviewed by Chris Matthews during a college tour at Albany, where she claims she’s against gay marriage in New York, and explains her reasons to support the war in Iraq.  

“Do you think New York State should recognize gay marriage?”


Nothing has changed: now as in the Middle Ages, the ignorance of fake priests is embarrassing. 

My satire also denounces all the fake priests in New Haven who supported Clinton’s policy of abortion in general, and abortion by dismemberment in particular, from the fourth until the very last month of pregnancy. Scumbags and thieves! They want a share of her old, rotten pie while a the same time stealing a salary from Rome.


They should be not only excommunicated, but also obliged by law to give back all the money stolen over the years.

Guadalupe Clinton

“Oh my, my – you’re like a Marian apparition from Heaven!”

“And this is where you had a number of abortions when you were young, in the Middle Ages. ”

The worst of them all is Allen, with a mask of arrogant self-righteousness pasted on his ass face, and lots of stolen money in his pockets. Instead of trying to fix at least some of the problems he created over the years on Hillhouse, in New Haven, he slanders people who have nothing to do with his mess. He’d like to see them on the street as an “act of mercy” and a “good deed” for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hypocrite, give back all the money we gave you for nothing. That’s your god, and you’re the complete opposite of a Christian. 

“You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” Leviticus 18:22

fake priests anal 1

Henritzy doesn’t come out for fear of going to jail for all the years he’s been stealing money. 

Hypocrite, find a different job, this one is not for you.

Anybody can see that Walker gets fucked in the shit – you don’t need a crystal ball for that. 

He should be fined for all the money he’s been stealing.

Don’t slander other people, you bitch.

Transgendered prostitutes work on the street in the neighborhood of Nova Prisa in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on November 13, 2013. CREDIT: Alicia Vera for The Wall Street Journal LGBTASYLUM

Camacho’s life in Peru with bitches and hobos. 

Fucking pig.

Camacho has dementia, but they still let him rant on and on from the altar about his crazy mother, and how she used to suck puss from his toes.

Not anywhere near the altar — he should be parked in an institution.

Confess your rotten soul to a real priest before you fucking die.  

fake priests tonys old bitch

Kuzia has been carrying on an affair with an old cunt who pretends to be a deacon, of all possible things. They’re fucking thieves and it’s a fucking disgrace — they should be kicked out of the church on State St. So they would have to beg to buy their booze, instead of stealing the church money like Roman before them. 

Individuals like Camacho or Kuzia are ignorant and rotten to the core.

They don’t even have a college degree, and yet they talk nonsense about ideas and situations they completely ignore. 

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and to remove all doubt.”  


Miss Kathryn Lofton likes to slander people she has never even met, because she’s a good Christian in the Grace of God, yeah right. 

 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Exod. 20:16

 “You shall not bear a false report; do not join your hand with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.” Exod. 23:1

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Deut. 5:20

“The judges shall investigate thoroughly, and if the witness is a false witness and he has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him just as he had intended to do to his brother.” Deut. 19:18-19

And here’s something else she likes to do: “For this reason God gave them up to passions of dishonor; for even their females exchanged the natural use for that which is contrary to nature, and likewise also the males, having left the natural use of the female, were inflamed by their lust for one another, males with males, committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was fitting for their error.” Rom. 1:26-27

Passions of dishonor… contrary to nature… inflamed by their lust… shameful… receiving in themselves the recompense fitting for their error. 

And this cunt wants to be a theologian? 

You can’t change the text to make it say what’s convenient for your old ass.

That bitch is a fucking thief.  

Don’t get mad, Lofton, “education will always be somewhat upsetting if it’s doing any kind of meaningful work,” right?  

Hey Peter, when you’re done in toilet, why don’t you become a theologian?

Money for nothing and.. whatever you like for free.

A Protestant with deep-seated prejudices against Catholicism cannot read a dissertation on Shakespeare writing in favor of Catholic tradition and against the Protestant schism. It’s a contradiction in terms.

This is how much Hawkins really knows about Dante.

Do tell your parents, guys, so he’ll have to find a different way of stealing money.

It really does.

Peter Hawkins’ Anal Theology 101 will expand your mind

to new ways of meditating on the greatness of the Lord,

as well as our own littleness.

If/when Mr. Hawkins gets to meet the Pope in Rome, he’ll also buy a bicycle pump to fix a couple of issues in his netherlands…

Hawkins thinks that Moses and St Paul were homophobes: 

“You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” Lev. 18:22

“For this reason God gave them up to passions of dishonor; for even their females exchanged the natural use for that which is contrary to nature, and likewise also the males, having left the natural use of the female, were inflamed by their lust for one another, males with males, committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was fitting for their error.” Rom. 1:26-27

Are we sure that Christian theology is a good fit for Hawkins?

Shouldn’t he be in a different field, perhaps?

But the guy’s planning to persuade the Pope about the sanctity of anal sex and H.I.V., 

God’s and nature’s blessing.

It will look great on your CV.

If you dare.

There’s a long line for Communion… 

Perhaps because men cannot be saved without suffering.


With such precedents, the next priest should be Nicki Minaj – couldn’t do a worse job than that.   

Bitches ain’t shit and they can’t say nothin’
A hundred mothafuckas can’t tell me nothin’
Are beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap.
Are beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap.

Damn, damn what they saying ’bout me?
I don’t know man, fuck is on your biscuit.
I don’t know man, I’m shittin’ on your whole life.


So, if you’re not a fake priest or a parasite in the humanities, don’t even waste your time taking offence at my wit, because this First Amendment App is not for you. Go to China where there are NO civil rights, and NO ONE will miss a perfect ass hole like yourself.

haun saussy big ass hole 7

If you are prejudiced against Catholics in general, or against women in general, or against me personally, it’s because you are ignorant and envious, and you have a chip on your shoulder. Look, no one gives a fuck about you. Eat shit.  


 As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a FUCK about pathetic liars and hypocrites who commit all sort of sins every day,

and then slander and point the finger at other people who have nothing to do with the failure of their wasted lives.    


And this is how much I care.



Grad students today, adjuncts tomorrow.

One of Giuseppe Mazzotta’s grad students. 

Hey, since there are no tenure tracks, they have to make do with anything they can get… 

So many of these idiots pretend to get along, when in fact they slander and backstab one another all the time. They’d do anything – legal or illegal – for something that doesn’t even exist. That’s fucking pathetic.

Vi hanno inculato, carissimi!


They fucked you in the ass, you dumb-asses.  


Funnel or tundish?

The English Mansion.


The comparative literature department and Mazzotta (with pimp hat). 


Who’s going to be able to get a mortgage for this?

Not to mention sending your kids to good primary schools for $40,000/year, and to good colleges for $70,000/year.

Not to mention investing for your pension – since you’re going to get old, if you’re lucky.  

And now, my dear friends, if you’re wondering, “Who are the ones responsible for this financial fraud that’s going to ruin my future?”  

Some of them are already known: Katie Trumpener and Sam See, Haun Saussy and Olga Solovieva, Victor Fan, McCrea, Devecka, Pericles Lewis, Moira Fradinger, David Quint, Giuseppe Mazzotta and Carol Chiodo, etc.

Let’s have a look at Haun Saussy in particular: his conspiracy-theorist father, Tupper Saussy; his grad student in comp. lit., Olga Solvieva; his angry ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang; and his half-brothers, Pierre-Philippe and Laurent, masters of the culinary arts.

In order to get a state pension with the services, Haun Saussy was counting on his uncertified translation skills. For this purpose he married a Chinese citizen, Miss Yu-Lin Wang, who — after ten years of acrimonious quarrels, one kid, two-hundred cheats and one expensive divorce — was entitled to the VERY SAME pension he was trying so hard to get.

What a fucking loser.

Comparative hairdos: Yu-Lin Wang from China vs. traditional samurais from Japan.  

Fuck your broken ass, Saussy, you son of a bitch.

Saussy is white trash from redneck Tennessee and his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang, ripped him apart.

But it was his grad student and advisee, Olga Solovieva, who made him lose face, job and money.

She gave him the proverbial coup de grâce with an unpublishable comp.lit. dissertation

on a topic about which Saussy knows just about ZERO:

the “Body of Christ,” which is the Catholic Church. 


“The fact of the matter is that [that horrible, embarrassing picture] was posted to a public webpage. The manner by which we obtained it — simply by copying what was published to said public space — was entirely within the bounds of the law. That being the case, we will not be removing or retracting any part of our story at this time.” 

Rather than calling people who don’t give a fuck about you,

why don’t you retire Miss Stupidieva from the tenure application,

so perhaps she can keep the faith alive?

 enso symbol zen emptiness comparative literature academic fraud 2 
Saussy’s broken ass is like “Zen emptiness,”
“without subject or methodology,” cf. American Comp. Lit. Association Report on the state of the discipline, 2005. 
haun saussy big ass hole 7
White-trash from redneck Tennessee.

Saussy wants to take revenge on his exes for his divorce and financial debacle, even though — as Miss Wang’s ex-husband — he’s the only one responsible for it.

He also uses state money and resources to take his little vendettas and do his private “business,” i.e. hacking, forging emails and documents, stealing, re-editing, insider-trading, etc. 

He’s not a scholar but got into academia thanks to the services, and he tries to keep his cover by eating the shit of people like Jane Levin.  

Cheers to your broken ass, idiot! 


Austin Powers?

No, he’s a dumb fuck —  and his ex-wife agrees with me.

What is he hoping to achieve by hacking, slandering and online-stalking? 


My copyrighted books, all my essays, and all my satires are saved in multiple copies,

both electronically and in print.

It’s criminals and parasites like Saussy 

who support other criminals and parasites in academia, e.g. Sam See.  


 Sam See, the meth addict and HIV-positive bitch 

who killed himself in jail with an overdose of his favorite drug,

the night when he was arrested for “domestic violence and threats to the police.”

And even with The New York Times denouncing that colossal fraud, how many commercial gossip sites 

said the truth about Sam See, his shameful death and even more shameful life?

The New York Times article of December 18, 2013:

For the record-breaking academic and financial fraud of Sam See we must thank P. Schirmständer, who gets paid as a “dean” to oversee “departments and programs in the humanities and social sciences.” 


Italian grad students and scholars are Catholic suicide bombers like Madonna, who’d like to blow up the White House. In such ignorant, racist and redneck environment, Italians are slandered and discriminated against all the time; so it’s perfectly OK for corrupt administrators to steal our fellowships as soon as we file grievances to complain about their administrative crimes, cf. Ginsberg, Benjamin. The Fall of Faculty. The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters. Oxford University Press, 2011.

Such academic corruption is all over the place, and my satirical sites mean to WARN STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES against it, as it is stated and described at the beginning of this Anti-virus Anti-hacker

If anyone complains with the university about middle-management administrators and their crimes, they will retaliate against him and he may risk his money, his career and future life. On the other hand, a junkie, a whore, a piece of trash and a criminal like Sam See — who has hallucinations and a “small” stroke; who is a drug addict and sells his ass to pay for rent and bills; who wants to “kill and destroy” the cops arresting him and taking him to jail — MAY WELL HAVE A CHANCE to get tenure at Yale, and he seems JUST PERFECT to teach undergraduates. And graduates too — in fact, he even married one, Mr. Sunder Ganglani. 

Does he have HIV now?


Students and their families should beware of the arrogance and stupidity of simple employees who, immediately before the 2008 real estate bubble burst, start a mortgage for a wood house even more expensive than that of the university president. Six bedrooms and seven bathrooms??? Is that perhaps an Air BnB on the waterfront? Taxes, anyone? 

Public record at the local town hall: now the market price has plummeted and doesn’t look like it’s going to recover, but the mortgage is still valid.   

What is an underwater mortgage

“A home-purchase loan with a higher balance than the free market value of the home. This situation prevents the homeowner from selling the home unless s/he has cash to pay the loss out of pocket. It also prevents the homeowner from refinancing, in most cases. Thus, if the homeowner wants to sell the home because s/he can’t afford the mortgage payments anymore – perhaps because of a job loss – the home will fall into foreclosure, unless the borrower is able to renegotiate the loan.”


Employees who are  drowning in debt and constantly on the verge of foreclosure would do anything to avoid it and keep their job, legally or illegally. Such individuals should never be hired for jobs that allow them to have a negative impact on the lives of many people. 

If a white-trash junkie like Sam See had survived HIV and meth addiction long enough,

they would have given him tenure just for fear of losing face. 

Very professional.

Tyler Carlisle, B.A., an ideal citizen.  

How many commercial gossip sites slandered Tyler Carlisle, B.A., when he stabbed a “friend” who was staying with him overnight, and then killed himself by jumping out of the Taft building, in downtown New Haven? 

No one realized that Carlisle was mentally ill because everyone was busy slandering a woman for rejecting a sexist dirty word blurted out in class by an ignorant wack who does street graffiti.

And this nonsense happens at Yale while Hillary Clinton is in politics blabbering about feminism!


The corruption and hypocrisy of these motherfuckers is unbelievable and completely off the charts.

Too many acids, too much vodka, and the social intelligence of a 3-year-old doing potty training.    

Why don’t you get some counselling?  



Devecka looks like he has a couple of problems.. 

Devecka went into classics through comparative literature and was supposed to “reinvent the humanities” in 3 or 4 years of post-doc with his brilliant insights on beavers…

Well, have you noticed any difference?

No difference at all, but he got a few years of free rent, booze and pot.

All money down the drain.  


Plagiarists claim to have “accidentally” lost all their written work, which was never done in the first place, in order to get even MORE years of fellowship at YOUR expenses. To finish a presentation or a chapter that will never be published, they use material from “anonymous” sources, like the copyrighted dissertations of other scholars. They would do anything to take time and postpone the job search, because in the humanities there are very few decent jobs, and even fewer tenure tracks. David Blight in history knows something about this academic and financial fraud, because he’s one of those who created it in the first place.  

David Blight’s grad students in history become adjuncts.

How do you call someone who gets paid to lie?

A whore.

Life is ironic, isn’t it?

Another example of academic fraud: Ray Lurie.

People at the Yale grad school are also famous for their fashion sense… by the way, nice sweater and coordinated hair dye! 

Ray Lurie has been trying to finish his worthless and by now obsolete dissertation for 32 years now.

The department in which he first enrolled, Renaissance Studies, doesn’t even exist anymore, since it was merged with comparative literature.

Lurie was David Quint’s and Giuseppe Mazzotta’s student, and the ass. dean described above took responsibility for his record-breaking academic fraud by signing his teaching-assignment letters for approximately 17 different departments. Even admitting that one was the field in which he was enrolled, that’s 16 different fields of scholarship about which Lurie knows more or less ZERO.  


Lurie’s most recent degree is a literature masters dating 1985. But now, without any academic qualification in the field, he’s been hired as an adjunct for $3,300/class to teach history to undergrads in an unnamed Catholic university in Connecticut. That’s a record-breaking academic and financial fraud for all the students concerned as well as their families, who are paying good money for nothing.

Without ever being a scholar, Lurie wasted 35 years in grad school and for all that time he didn’t pay anything into social security. So now, at 60, he doesn’t even have a pension.

What a dumbass!


Haun Saussy, a drunkard and a junkie — white trash from redneck Tennessee.

Johnny Cash from Tennessee, Cocaine Blues

Got up next mornin’ and I grabbed that gun.
Took a shot of cocaine and away I run.
Made a good run but I ran too slow –
They overtook me down in Juarez, Mexico.


Saussy’s extreme rectal prolapse.

 Haun Saussy extreme prolapse

Impressive, isn’t it?

Saussy likes to play around with Photoshop, email-hacking, email-editing, insider-trading, etc.

Kurt wouldn’t believe his own eyes LOL

“He’s pretty tied up/ Hangin’ upside down/

He’s pretty tied up/ And you can ride him/

He’s pretty tied up/ Hangin’ upside down…”

Guns n Roses, Pretty Tied Up


With a little bit of post-colonialism, Saussy is now trying to downplay his background from






Mmmh… too little, too late.


Saussy throws around crap from his fucking wasted life.

That’s his legacy from redneck Tennessee:

tupper saussy tennessee waltz

Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner is just one of the many conspiracies coughed up by Haun Saussy’s crazy father, Tupper Saussy. More specifically, it’s a KKK attempt to exculpate the white-trash criminal who killed Martin Luther King, black leader of the Civil Rights movement. Tupper’s other conspiracies are: Rulers of Evil, about U.S. politics being secretly directed by Catholic Jesuits; and Miracle on Main Street, on how to evade the American tax system. The people down in Nashville, Tennessee, who followed Tupper’s advice were also sentenced for tax evasion and had their career ruined by a complete fool.     

What a misunderstood genius!

tupper-saussy white trash kkk redneck tennessee

In an article published on to “commemorate” the death of Tupper Saussy in 2007, we read that he was convicted for tax evasion in 1985, but instead of doing time, he evaded arrest, ran from the police and lived like a fugitive until 1997:  

“On April 10, 1987, Saussy turned up at a side door of the federal prison in Georgia where he was supposed to begin serving a one-year sentence. He had himself videotaped making a defiant statement about his case, which was sent to a Nashville television station, and then he disappeared. For the next decade, Saussy lived on the run… Finally, in November 1997, federal agents caught up with Saussy.”  

He was “captured [sic] without incident in California” and spent 2 years in jail before dying like a dog.

But one of the many embarrassing things this “eulogy” does not say is that, for all the years he was a fugitive, Tupper Saussy lived like a bum, eating at soup kitchens around the country and occasionally washing at public libraries.

What a legacy — what a memorable life — what an excellent family — what an excellent DNA!

As they say, you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house…

tupper saussy rulers of evil

Quoting from the same source: While his case was on appeal, Saussy became attracted to a conspiracy theory about the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. He got to know James Earl Ray, who had been jailed for the murder, and ghosted Ray’s autobiography, Tennessee Waltz, which asserted Ray’s innocence.”


That lunatic tried to exonerate the guy who killed MARTIN LUTHER KING!


From the same article: “In his later years, Saussy was no less committed to the ideas that landed him in prison” and he thought that “the whole 9/11 attack on America was masterminded and overseen by Dick Cheney.”


His bastard son Haun Saussy still makes a couple of bucks selling that crazy crap on Amazon. 

How the fuck did Haun Saussy get into the Ivy League??? 


fist fucking haun sayssy you lin wang 2

What an epic fist-fuck!

Saussy’s ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang, divorced him, kicked him out and took the money. 

Why staying married to a pig, after all?

You Lin Wang 2

Giving her husband a taste of his own medicine, Miss Wang hired a P.I. to check all his email accounts and cell phones. 

And after collecting the evidence she needed, she brought him to court and took alimony + maintenance for the next 20 years, half of all the movable and immovable assets, and of course… the state pension Saussy was trying so hard to get with his lousy, atrocious, uncertified translations.

And because his 200+ cheats involved a grad student in comparative literature, Olga Solovieva, whose crappy dissertation he supervised in 2004-06, Miss Wang also got a deal with the university to make her job permanent, i.e. the one she got through Saussy himself. 

To top it all off, the admins opted to keep Miss Wang at Yale, while Saussy was kindly invited to relocate… 

What a loser!

you Lin Wang quite mad at her ex husband

“Where were you last night, you fucking ass hole?”

you lin wangs mom yelling

“Divorce that pig!”

Yu-Lin’s mom helped her out with lots of good advice…


Let’s say that Yu-Lin taught him a couple of lessons in marital fidelity.  

fuck off old fashioned black white

That’s worth every penny.

Saussy is so distressed by the shame of his divorce and academic/financial debacle that he’s considering going back to his first love, Big Bette, in redneck Tennessee. This is the American high culture, guys, so you should take notes: “when you’re looking at Saussy, you’re looking at trashy.”

There’s no reason whatsoever for Saussy to be in academia, but he lights up a candle and says a novena to the sagging Boobs of the Blessed Virgin Jane Levin – and that’s how he keeps his fraud going.



“When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”



And on top of that, someone who has never published any damn thing.

Jane Levin has been stealing money for years at the Whitney Humanities Center with an unpublishable, autobiographical dissertation on the “Marriages in Jane Austen.” And now she blabbers about Homer and “universal objectivity” after Foucault & Derrida, thus showing that she got a position only thanks to her husband and the decadent, corrupt establishment of the Clintons.

Feminism my ass – the condition of women workers in the United States is miserable.

Put that on MTV so they learn it in Europe too, without wasting their time and money here.


Saussy cleans up Jane Levin’s Google with a little bit of reverse-SEO, because he graduated by means of plagiarism in a field “without subject or methodology,” cf. ACLA (edited) report on the state of the discipline, 2005.

And therefore he has to give back to that same community of thieves. 

 Jane Levin wants to divert attention from the fact that Giuseppe Mazzotta supervises the academic work of his “dear friends.”  

Mazzotta is now 75, born in January 1942.

Mazzotta is a fucking pervert and shouldn’t even be around students. 

Yo, pig — all your slander and your pathetic lies show just how desperate you are.

You were 65 when I fucked you.

I couldn’t care less because many good-looking women throw pearls to swine.

And, by the way, this is Swine Deconstruction.


Even Angelina Jolie had the very bad idea of dating Billy Bob, at one point.  

For all slanderers who fabricate conspiracy theories about the life of others,

these are just a few of the decrepit people who graduate in the humanities every year:

Anna Iacovella’s great academic accomplishments: B.A. at St. Orsola, Naples;  

Ph.D. in “education” at Southern CT when she was in her forties!


This old stupid cunt goes around slandering me with her cheap, pathetic lies

because everybody knows that what she has to offer Yale are boiled potatoes.

Discard SSLMIT, Berkeley and Yale,

and let St. Orsola and Southern CT steal other people’s money, right?

Mais congratulations for the “sound judgment” and the negative selection.


this is how good things are undone at Yale, so it’s not difficult to find a better university.

Unholy shit!

Carol Chiodo didn’t even have a B.A. when she applied at Yale.        

She got a B.A. at Fairfield University in 2012 and a Ph.D. in Italian the year after, in 2013, at age 50+.  


Luis Bautista in Spanish.


After 8 years of Nope, the living and working conditions of African Americans in this country are worse than ever. 

Yale is full of white-trash connected with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corrupt and decadent establishment.

They have never paid taxes on capital gain, taxes on rentals or property taxes, 

even on off-campus buildings that are not used for classes.

So they are free to rob the rest of the population. 

As a result, the city of New Haven has an unbelievable mill rate of 41.55 (2013-15), much higher than cities like New York and Greenwich.

The majority here in New Haven, especially in the African American community, are underpaid, poor and — paradoxically — have no access to good education, which creates a vicious circle of selective poverty.

New Haven is one the most symbolic cities in the U.S. for selective poverty and racial discrimination, 

but in Europe there is absolutely no consciousness of this terrible problem. 

To Italian citizens who are considering living here, I’d suggest: REMAIN IN EUROPE. Here it’s a lose-lose game: on the one hand, white-trash rednecks like the Levins will treat you as “white niggers;” and on the other, African Americans will reverse-discriminate against you because you’re white Caucasian. 

You won’t even find “national solidarity” among the Italian-Americans who came here from Calabria, Sicily, etc. Lots of fake smiles, but they’re mobsters and all they want is your money. Fuck them and all their illegals deals.

Case in point, Giuseppe Mazzotta from Calabria.

If you want to make money with any field of scholarship, you have to have an academic degree in that specific field.

 You are NOT an expert in history, or philosophy, or the classics with a second-rate degree in Italian Medieval literature from fucking Cornell.  

People who trust a pathological liar like Mazzotta do so perhaps because they have never understood what his students know very well, namely that the guy is completely disconnected from Italian academia, so he cannot place anyone in an Italian university.    

And on the other hand, Italian language and literature is perfectly irrelevant in the United States, so Mazzotta has an embarrassingly long list of unemployed or under-employed graduates that he tries to hide. Some of their names, only from recent years, are presented in this satire.  

To avoid bad publicity for the university, Jane Levin protected this turd and slandered a woman and an international student on the Yale Daily News, thus endorsing commercial gossip sites that thrive on slander. 

Stop blabbering about Clinton’s “feminism” at Yale — it’s bullshit. 

Meryl Streep’s words also describe Jane Levin attacks against a woman: 

“This instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, filters down into everybody’s life, because it gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

Jane Levin slandered a woman who had the intellect and the courage to complain about a fellow teaching assistant, a bitch by the name of Bradley Bailey, who used a chauvinist filthy word in class. I remarked that it’s better not to use filthy words in class, and that example of work ethics and critical thinking was misrepresented as politically incorrect. So it is politically correct to comment on somebody’s “boobs” in class. Good to know.  

Two things are infinite: the universe and Jane Levin’s stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.

Now, here’s the deal, Bradley Bailey:

fist fucking 2


You can use as many filthy words as you want

at the coffee shop, e.g. when talking about the bitch who pegged your broken ass last night,

but you should avoid them in class.


And with reference to the academic and financial fraud we’re talking about,

How the fuck can a teaching assistant be allowed into a Western art survey course

without any knowledge of the Renaissance? 

foot fucking 3

With lots of lube.

Like a dumbass who wants to study chemistry, but doesn’t like carbon because it’s too heavy.


For a while Bradley tried to raise money for his sex tapes and “documentaries” on STREET GRAFFITI.


But apparently no one gave a fuck.

So now he’s unemployed.

Or perhaps self-employed in the vast “T.A. underground” of porn. 

For that he should thank Mr. Nemerov and his academic fraud: there are no decent academic jobs in art history.  

haun saussy black master white slave 1

Excellent staffing!

And once again, Jane Levin confirmed her ignorance by blabbering about “universal objectivity” after Foucault’s relativism and Derrida’s deconstruction. Dumbass! Another demonstration that she got a job only thanks to her husband and she doesn’t belong in academia. Find a job in middle school, Jane.

david quint blowjob oral tradition 3 

This garbage was written by Haun Saussy and David Quint, 

but it appeared with the name of an undergrad bitch from Pakistan, Akbar Shahib Ahmed,

and it involved a number of people that I’ve never met and with whom I’ve never even talked once,

like this guy:









John Rogers smiles because he has 2 daughters. When they invest their precious time and money to prepare themselves for a decent job, studying and working in academia for years, he knows they’re going to meet an old bastard motherfucking liar son of a bitch EXACTLY like himself.

Or perhaps they will NOT be able to get into an established academic program at all, because they’re dumb underachievers and they live off of their father. So perhaps they’ll have to choose “social work” as a last resort — like Mazzotta’s 40-year-old daughter and Manley’s middle-aged fat “kids” of the same generation.  

Manley’s elder son, let’s call him Mr. Joey Fatso, didn’t make it into the Ivy League. According to his profile, he studied social work at Hunter college, worked in the Bronx for a while and now he’s at Reliance Health, a nursing home based in Arizona. A simple man, he’s trying hard to keep this job in order to pay for his rent, bills and all his meals.

Manley’s daughter, let’s call her Miss All Ugly, didn’t make it into the Ivy League either. According to her profile, she studied social work at and now she works at Argus Community in the Bronx, cf. “We emphasis [sic] self-help, personal responsibility, and mutual support.” Excellent. It’s not easy to pay rent and bills in New York, but hopefully with her husband she manages to make ends meet. 

Even if they’re underachievers and live off of their father’s salary and “friendships,” these guys can feel better about themselves because they get to see down and out people every day. So it’s not such a bad job, after all…

Now, tell us, Manley – do you understand why I’ve been writing these satirical sites of academic criticism for two and a half years? 

Would you be able to do the same? 

And what does this tell you, in a foreign language?

Che sono piu’ intelligente di te, stronzo. 

This is the Golden rule in the positive and negative form, i.e. what to do and what not to do.

 “Do to others what you want them to do to you. This is the meaning of the law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets.” Matt. 7:12;

 “Do to others what you would want them to do to you.” Lk 6:31

“Do to no one what you yourself dislike.” Tob. 4:15


The true face of Hillary Clinton’s “feminism” and “social justice” at Yale is the plagiarism and slander of individuals such as Saussy, Mazzotta, Quint and Manley — who should be in jail.  

Harold Bloom stole much money over the years,

but now he’s not so sure he won’t have to give it all back with accrued interest. 


Did you know that Shakespeare was a gnostic-esoteric nut?


Neither did he.

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.”

Examples of esotericism include: 

alchemy, tantra, astrology, freemasonry, gnosticism, kabbalah, magic,

hermetism, rosicrucianism, mesmerism,

theosophy and the theosophist movement associated with Helena Blavatsky.

The Harry Potter franchise produced a 1 billion revenue only for the author, J. K. Rowling.

This of course does not include all the money made by her publishing house, film companies, videogames, merchandise agencies, the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” in Orlando, FL, etc. 

But Manley changes the facts and the objective truth in order to accommodate his prejudices, personal likes and dislikes, and ideology, e.g. magic is not to be found in industrialized societies anymore and it’s just something for “primitive” peoples in poor African countries.   


It is counter-factual and false to claim that magic is in decline.

STUDENTS and SCHOLARS BEWARE: you don’t have to agree with any such blatant error.

In order to keep his or her paid job, no one in academia is obliged to agree with disinformation, idiocies and ideological prejudices such as “primitive Africa.”

Plagiarists like Manley should be in jail for ruining the life and academic career of their “advisees,”

and for causing great economic and personal damage to the families who support them.

Let’s talk about “universal objectivity,” Larry.  

If you have a daughter who didn’t make it into the Ivy League and now does “social work” in the Bronx, you should do a better job defending her against all the liars, slanders, thieves and criminals she meets at work, or she may end up on the street. And then someone may tell you, “Goes around, comes around, you fool.”

Manley loves the Practical Magic of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman…   

And Hollywood movies about magic aren’t successful at all,

because that’s either for primitive black people in Africa or Louisiana, 

or for new hires in the Classic department, where there are 10 people on staff for 7 majors

and a backlog of 50 people with a piece of paper but no academic job.  

Now, that’s a good field and a good department to be in! 


What a bad girl, we should all go after her! 

No, wait a minute, that’s her old ugly aunt! 

Jeez, that’s why!

In jail! 


Leslie Brisman tried really hard to upload a microscopic, old picture as his Facebook profile, but he’s so fucking stupid he couldn’t even rotate it.

Now he’s so embarrassed that he would send someone over to kill me just because I uncovered the mystery of his idiocy.

Here’s a better idea: change your privacy settings to “friends only” and you’ll still be able to spy on students, you liar thief turd.


Plagiarists like Leslie Brisman will judge your academic work based on slander and the garbage they read on commercial gossip sites.

They will also misinterpret everything you write on Facebook, so edit your privacy settings accordingly.


The disasters of Affirmative Action: take 5 plagiarists like Leslie Brisman and destroy an entire department.

Harold Bloom hired David Quint and Leslie Brisman, and in their turn they hired Barry McCrea and Sam See. 



Salaries in English and comparative literature are much lower than in other managerial, technical or scientific disciplines. But even within that field, the areas where there is still some money to make are taken by faggots such as these.

These scumbags always try to sneak into “Shakespeare” and Joyce and modernism,” leaving other topics to women, e.g. Jane Austen (Katie Trumpener, Jane Levin); Old and Medieval English (Roberta Frank); comics (Katie Trumpener);children’s literature (Katie Trumpener, Heather Klemann), etc. 



Saussy is not a scholar but a complete academic fraud.


Sometimes making a critical comment in class… “can entail thinking twice”???

You can’t even write, you worthless piece of shit.  


Who’s this piece of shit?

Put your slander in your own CV, you son of a bitch.


Give a med to Ahmed.

You’re deranged and have anti-social tendencies, Ahmed,

you need to adjust with some antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs.


Slander didn’t pay. 

After 6 months of internship, Akbar Ahmed was fired from the Huff Post where he worked for 10 bucks a piece, and now is out of a job. 

Well, how’s life back in Pakistan – were you able to find a toilet?

Parents alright? Are they proud of you?

Do they need some toilet paper, since it’s so hard to find over there?

And how about the Jane Austen Society of Pakistan?

That’s what he got with Jane Levin’s recommendation LOL

The Jane Austen Society is perhaps THE MAIN academic and financial fraud of Jane Levin.

Thirty years ago Levin got into academia with a worthless, unpublished and unpublishable dissertation on the “Marriages in Jane Austen.” And since then, thanks to her husband who was president of the university, she has made millions of dollars talking nonsense about Plato, Homer, Virgil and all the Greek and Latin classics in English translation.   


Take a good look at yourself before slandering other people, and then shut up.





This is Roman culture, the legislative and symbolic foundation of the United States:


The Pantheon, Rome


Augustus of Prima Porta – monumental statue of Caesar Augustus, Rome.

You’re so fucking ignorant I must write captions for these, otherwise you’ll never get it.

Where was Pakistan 2500 years ago?

More or less where it is now.


What a great culture.

They are so poor and underdeveloped they don’t even have toilets.

“Poor law and order situation…”

There is no water and no electricity.” 

“But the local government denies incompetence…”

“For now, the toilet project remains on paper.”

“Many have to respond to the call of nature by heading to the bushes.”

“They have to relieve themselves in the open behind a bush.”

Unlike Pakistan, India is trying to solve its problem with public defecation.

That’s why they’re showing a very funny advertisement with a great soundtrack, Take the Poo to the Loo.

Here’s Jimmy Kimmel:


Akbar Shit Ahmed, the worst toilet in Pakistan.

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country where Islam, the state religion, is practiced by 95-98% of natives.


Read the sign – it says: “Islam will dominate the world.”

These critical thinkers should send 85,000 pages of emails to Hillary Clinton,

so perhaps she would let them into the country to reform democracy, a failed system. 


Since they’re politically correct, support women’s rights, and have a lot of universal objectivity, 

these guys enforce Sharia law against all lesbians and gays

as well as those who cheat on their husband or wife: 


For instance, this could be Haun Saussy for cheating on his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang, with an ugly student, Olga Solovieva. 


These people should live with Saussy and Solovieva for a while.  

I’m sure they’d get along perfectly like Wahlverwandtschaften.


jane-austen-society-of-pakistan-14 jane-austen-society-of-pakistan-7

Now that Ahmed is universally and objectively unemployed, 

Jane Levin should help him find a job as a secretary at the Jane Austen Society… 

I’m not kidding, I’ve collected some 40 pictures of this shit. 


They put on a costume, get drunk…


… and pretend to be intellectuals.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen.

But there’s even more slander against international students and scholars on The Yale Herald, cf. slander dating Jan 26, 2012, Bizarre angry Yale TA email exchange hits the internet, edited by one Justine Bunis, B.A., who’s now about 30 and working as a secretary! :))) 

Was it worth $70,000/year x 4 = $280,000


all the unrealized capital gain of this bull market? 

Mais congratulations, cela c’est du génie!    

Take it easy, Justine, don’t get shit-faced every weekend… 

For 3 months back in 2008, Miss Bunis was an intern for the… 

Anti-Defamation League’s Interfaith Youth Leadership Program!!!

Life is ironic, isn’t it? 

How do you like naked asses, Justine? Shaved or hairy like these ones?  

Now, that’s really bizarre and cringe-worthy.     

And in fact it looks like Justine’s face.  

That’s really crazy, and yet it’s nothing compared to the reversed political correctness of Jane Levin and her sagging old boobs. Jeez, that requires the public execution of an international scholar and all her family members who support her.  

And NO ethical or moral doubts, NO scruples, NO regrets what-so-ever

Mmmh, I see…

The problem with Justine is that she never won a 6-year fellowship for an Ivy League graduate school, so slandering her intellectual betters — people who achieved something she did not — provides an outlet for her repressed envy and hatred.

Get some counselling Justine, and get well soon! 

Justine doesn’t slander American students because she’s afraid of retaliation.

Instead, she keeps all her envy, hatred and viciousness for foreign scholars, 

especially those about to discuss their doctoral thesis after a lifetime of academic work and study. 

So, even if Justine makes $10/hour and has to eat shit from everyone at the office, 

that makes her feel a little bit better about herself! LOL    

New Haven is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants coming from problematic, underdeveloped areas such as Mexico and the Middle East. These people don’t pay taxes and are often involved in organized crime such as drug dealing and prostitution.

Furthermore, even when they have a regular job such as cooking – without vaccinations or hygienic measures, of course – they bring down the salary of other underpaid workers from the same countries, who are legally registered and regularly pay taxes here.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

What a joke! No one can complain about President Trump when they also discriminate against naturalized citizens who have been paying taxes and property taxes with a mill rate of 44.5! What fucking criminals and hypocrites!

A complete waste of money. 

What exactly did Justine learn at the modern Jewish high-school?

That is to say, other than slandering scholars from a Catholic county… Let’s see:

Exodus 20:13

“You shall not murder.”

Exodus 20:16

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Exodus 23:1

 “You shall not bear a false report; do not join your hand with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.”

Deuteronomy 5:20

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Deuteronomy 19:18-19

“The judges shall investigate thoroughly, and if the witness is a false witness and he has accused his brother falsely, then you shall do to him just as he had intended to do to his brother.”

Research has its rules, Bunis, for instance:   

Do Not Believe Everything You Read on the Internet, Especially on Commercial Gossip Sites.  

If You Intend to Write about Anyone, Ask Their Opinion.

Think About the Personal and Financial Consequences of Your Words. 

Wait before doing anything completely stupid and/or illegal, to see how the situation evolves.

A few months after the online slander, Ed Barnaby lost his job and had to relocate to Virginia.

Yale has a long tradition of administrative corruption and disastrous mismanagement,

so everything was done quietly to avoid another scandal.

Just in recent years they had:

 a lab researcher raped, strangled and buried upside-down in a wall;

an undergrad found with her head smashed in a lathe machine at 3 in the morning;

another undergrad who stabs his “friend” and then jumps out of the Taft building downtown;

an assistant professor with a double life as a meth addict and HIV-positive prostitute, 

who kills himself in jail with a meth overdose, etc.

Everything is public record, but for some mysterious reason it does not get a lot of bad publicity on commercial gossip sites…

At least not as much as the Boobs of the Blessed Jane Levin.

Compared to that, everything else is not even a crime!


We are thieves, but don’t tell!

Barnaby graduated from White-Trash College with a thesis on administrative corruption 

and its financial, personal and professional consequences for students/scholars and their families. 

If you ask him, Barnaby will say that he didn’t really HAVE TO leave the Ivy League.

No, no, no.  

He just made a BIG SACRIFICE to raise his kids in a more KKK-friendly environment…

Following your grievance and/or due to an accounting error and/or

a new interpretation of your contract,

we have decided to revoke your salary for your 5th and/or 6th year.

And that has absolutely nothing to do with the grievance you filed against one of our partners in crime. 


Your scam is over, you white-trash son of a bitch.  

When Barnaby’s daughters go to college, they will meet a worthless son of a bitch like their father.

He’ll steal their fellowships without showing any proof whatsoever that they were actually “disbursed in error” — as if Yale had ever paid anything to anyone, unless they really had to. For fuck’s sake, they don’t even pay taxes on capital gain, taxes on rentals or property taxes!

Likewise, Barnaby won’t even bother to reply when the students’ attorneys request that his administrative error be corrected by showing the SEVIS issued for 6 years from the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, as well as the fellowship and teaching appointment conferrals from Yale. 

Barnaby will simply pretend he didn’t receive the documents and/or that they mean nothing. 

Hey asshole, do the authorities know that the U.S. Justice Department means nothing? 

You should be in fucking jai!

The length of study is 72 months, i.e. 6 years. Signed by Mr. Gang Wang (actual name), Associate Director Int’l Students & Scholars, Yale University.


Finally, because Barnaby authorized an illegal deal and put his signature on it, the senior administrators will hold him responsible for the whole mess and he’ll get fired. So there will be no more ties with the university.


This packet is 350 pages. 

How many are 85,000 pages of emails? 


Especially considering that some people, like Miss Bunis, have never read a book longer than 85 pages without pictures.

Who would ever send so many emails “in a short period of time” of just a few months?  

A crazy maniac.

And how deranged must one be to make top secret info available on aunsafe server that can be hacked even by your retarded little brother working in the basement?

Very deranged.

In jail like Tupper Saussy.







maleti-mazzotta-dicembre-2005 marghe-blue-background-andy-warhol-1

In December 2005 an old son of a bitch wanted to celebrate an “alternative” Christmas

with an Italian grad student from the most recent class in comparative literature.

Screwed over by another Italian in the name of national solidarity and fraternity among citizens.

What a fucking mobster!

And all along he tried to “justify” himself by blabbering about his wife’s depression — so I guess he wanted to help her out by cheating on her?

Mrs. Carol Anne Mazzotta, a registered democrat living in Woodbridge, would do a good thing now to ask for a divorce. 

Get rid of that damn pig, take the money and retire in a nice sunny place with plenty of social services in Italy.

Simple Google search, link on the first page:

“Carol Anne Mazzotta was born on 9 July 1947 and on 26 October 2001 she registered to vote…”

“This is a privately owned genealogy website using a purchased copy of the Connecticut voter list as of 9 February 2016,

which is unrestricted, public information.”

Hey Mazzotta, tell us about your very good-looking daughter — let’s call her Miss Rauca Bettoniera, born 09/12/1976 — who can’t find a decent job or a husband despite all of your “friendships.” When she tried to work, a couple of years ago, she had an accident on the street in the first fucking week! 

Is she retarded or what?

And she didn’t even have health insurance, so you had to pay cash for the docs to patch her up.



Rarely have I seen something so foul.   

Mazzotta has been paying for Carol Chiodo with Yale money.

Miss Chiodo should show her Italian laurea from before 2007, but she cannot because she didn’t earn one. 

There has never been any reason for that bitch to be in New Haven,

since Dante’s entire opus and concordances were digitalized AGES ago with a fund provided by a Florentine bank,

Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze:


And let’s remember all the grad students of the Italian dep’t who ended up without an academic job after years of study, for instance:  

Kenise Lyons;

Diego Bertelli;

Christopher Nixon;

Griffin Oleynick;

Taylor Papallo;

Maria Clara Iglesias Rondina;

Alfredo Troiano;

Erin McCarthy-King, adjunct at Quinnipiac only thanks to her husband, etc. 

All of them were screwed over by the academic and financial fraud of one of the worst departments in the nation:


which is nothing but a worthless, useless crew of ignorant parasites: 

Carol Chiodo,

Michael Farina,

Anna Iacovella, 

Millicent Marcus,

Christiana Purdy Moudarres, hired without any search, national or international, and without a single book on Dante, etc.



Jane Levin has been trying for years now to divert attention

from the fact that the law forbids Mazzotta from supervising my academic work. 

My dissertation on Catholic Shakespeare was approved by 4 independent scholars,

including history prof. Carlos Eire.


Carlos Eire stated that my dissertation deserved to be approved 

even only based on the strength of the historical discussion of Shakespeare’s Catholicism.

For people who are not in the field,

it is an established fact of scholarship that Shakespeare’s mother belonged to an ancient family,

the Ardens, from Catholic France.   

Instead of studying at Oxford or Cambridge like other middle-class gentlemen,

Shakespeare had to flee to the North in order to escape the persecution of corrupt local magistrates. 

How did Catholicism influence his creativity in a time when religion, persecution and torture were tools of political authority?

How do we see Catholic themes emerge in Hamlet?

If you can’t ask these questions with an open mind, you’re not an intellectual and you don’t belong in academia. 

And if you try to silence real scholars who are able to ask these questions, then you should be in jail like Tupper Saussy.


According to Haun Saussy’s ACLA report in 2005,

comparative literature has no defined subject matter or methodology.

Comparative literature has no standards and decisions are made based on people’s personal likes and dislikes, 

politics, bribes and “generous anonymous donations.” 

enso zen emptiness comp lit no subject no methodology

enso symbol zen emptiness comparative literature academic fraud

Who’s responsible for this shit?

quint-meme-base david-quint-blowjob-oral-tradition-6

David Quint and oral tradition.

Let’s do some comparative on Quint, 

courtesy of the on Google Images.

butt-machine-30 butt-machine-boys-12-no-academic-jobs

A simple critic is NOT allowed to deny an author’s Catholicism only because he or she has a different value system. There are indeed many authors in the canon: focus on another one more attuned to your ideology.




Fucking Quint tries to slander me even with Milton!

Look, this really shows you have no arguments and you’re just a desperate fuck.

Milton was officially a Protestant, so he could receive social and financial benefits, but not everyone agrees with that superficial reading. There are many different opinions on Milton’s personal beliefs, e.g. the English poet William Blake thought he was a Satanist, “of the Devil’s party without knowing it,” and — regardless of what anyone may think about it — Hollywood made several million dollars with that interpretation, cf. Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves, The Devil’s Advocate, 1997.  

Then there is the problem of defining what reformed religions actually were, and what they are now. That’s not, like Catholicism, one single set of dogmas but many, e.g. Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Methodist, Mormons, Baptists, Evangelicals, Unionists, etc. 

And all in constant flux, e.g. Nadia Bolz Weber, definitely a most amazing woman. 

nadia-bolz-weber  nadia-bolz-weber-2

Would Milton like Nadia Bolz Weber in priest costume?  


And how about her?

Biblical tattoos grace the arms of Nadia Bolz-Weber as she poses for a portrait, Friday, April, 22, 2011, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver, CO, where her will be moving. Nadia, of House For All Sinners and Saint, a is a rising star in the emergent church, very hip culturally and socially progressive, yet still theologically traditional Lutheran. She's been invited to preach the Easter sermon at Red Rocks this Easter. (Craig F. Walker/ The Denver Post)

 As far as I’m concerned,

I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, because I write about something else entirely.

But now tell us, Quint — since you are the most senior plagiarist in the comp. lit. dep’t — what the fuck does Saussy know about the “Body of Christ,” which is the Catholic Church? ZERO.

What would Milton think of a comp. lit. dissertation on the “Body of Christ” ghostwritten by a Tennessee redneck?




Mazzotta’s academic and financial scam is not working as he hoped.