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I’m editing the 90 pages of the Antivirus Antihacker, so I privated all my satirical articles. 

Work in progress on 03/04/17.


For 11 years since 2006, Haun Saussy has been stealing a couple of million dollars with Olga Solovieva, aka Hoelga Stupidieva, an ex-graduate student in comparative literature and his advisee for an unpublishable dissertation on the “Body of Christ.”


Notice how Saussy wasted 2 more hours of his already wasted life

trying to figure out how to conceal her fat and misshapen body.

But he forgot to conceal her ugly old face and grey hair…

This bitch was in comparative literature.

What a complete waste!

Nice hair-dye, now… 😉

Olga Solovieva’s dissertation was in an area completely outside the academic competence of her dissertation supervisor, Haun Saussy from comparative literature.  

It was on the “Body of Christ.”

And what does Saussy know about the “Body of Christ” which, theologically speaking, is the Catholic Church? ZERO. Such academic and financial frauds are only possible in comparative literature, a non-field with “no subject or methodology” but only the “virtue of Zen emptiness,” according to Saussy’s own definition, cf. 2005 ACLA (edited) report.

In other words, Saussy supervised a dissertation in one of the many fields of scholarship he completely ignores. Moreover, he supervised the academic work of a grad student with whom he was having an affair at the expenses of his ex-wife, Yu-Lin Wang.  

Many people knew about Saussy’s and Solovieva’s scam, e.g. David Quint, Katie Trumpener, Moira Fradinger, etc., not to mention Yale’s corrupt administration.

That complete crap was passed in 2006 only because Olga Solovieva was having an extra-marital affair with her supervisor. It was indeed unpublishable, and now it’s only available in microfilm: http://search.proquest.com/docview/304980201

After they pulled off that academic and financial scam, several things happened.

First, when Yu-Lin Wang, Saussy’s ex-wife, realized he was cheating on her with a student, she divorced him, kept the money and kicked him out on the street.

Second, because the scandal involved a Yale student, corrupt admins pacified Yu-Lin Wang with a permanent post as lecturer in Chinese. What academic qualifications did she have at the time? Nothing.  

Third, Saussy was “invited” to relocate elsewhere, i.e. they kicked him out. This was done in order to solve the mess he created without any bad publicity for Yale.

Until now, that is.  

As soon as he found a new employer, Saussy tried to have his stupid hoe hired there too, using her salary to pay for his ex-wife’s alimony.

Six years later Miss Solovieva can’t get tenure because she’s ignorant, can’t write, can’t do research and has nothing intelligent to say.   

So now the problem for Saussy is: “How to keep stealing her second salary.” 

By plagiarizing some more crap for her, after the flop of the “Body of Christ”?

Perhaps this time on the Russian Kurosawa or Thomas Mann in Russia? 

Lots of projects but nothing real. Perhaps Saussy is not a good ghostwriter, after all.

Here’s a good project: return all the money you stole, thieves!  

“No subject or methodology” for comparative literature, but only the “virtue of Zen emptiness.” 

The enso represents the “infinite void” in Saussy’s mind.

Saussy would like to accuse me of stalking that stupid hoe – and perhaps LeBron James, too.


No one gives a FUCK about Saussy or his ex grad student. 

What scholars care about is denouncing their scam and warning other scholars and their families.  

What scholars care about is how much money they’ve been stealing since 2006. 

What scholars care about is how many real scholars they’ve robbed of their work. 

Lastly, we should remind both the cunning grad student and her Tennessee friend

that anyone can grab people’s face from the public domain online,

so it’s your responsibility to post pictures of yourself where you don’t look like an old drunken cunt. 

Haun Saussy should be IN JAIL like his father Tupper Saussy,

the KKK conspirator and tax-evader from redneck Tennessee.

Saussy is still selling his crazy father’s GARBAGE online, 

and with the proceeds he pays his ex-wife’s alimony every month,

and tries very hard not to get kicked out by his landlord.

Johnny Cash’s Cocaine Blues

“The judge he smiled when he picked up his pen.
Ninety-nine years in the San Quentin Penn…
Come on you hotheads you listen to me.
Stay off that whiskey and let that cocaine be!”

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